Sexy Hassan Shakur’s Virgins & F.A.K.E New Jersey Police Officers: Camacho, DiNardo, Molina, Mitchell & Lavelle’s Just Desserts

New York and New Jersey Black Foot Soldiers are calling Hassan A. Shakur (Hassian Hosendove) and Amanda Anderson “heroes who will receive their choice of virgins in heaven” after their fiery showdown with F.A.K.E New Jersey law enforcement officials: Jersey City Police Officer Michael Camacho, 25, Jersey City Police Officer Marc DiNardo, 37, Jersey City Police Officer Frank Molina, 35, Port Authority Police Officer Dennis Mitchell, 35, and Jersey City Police Detective Marc Lavelle, 43.

“He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, and unfortunately, he got what he wanted,” Jersey City Police Chief Thomas J. Comey said said.

Outspoken Harlem Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant criticized Comey’s description of Shakur calling it “white & psychotic.”

“Comey’s white & psychotic description of brother Shakur reflects his superficial and commercial existence as a psychotic white male. Niggas is living, fighting & dying for real and for a cause. The diseased mind of the psychotic white man dreams of going out in a blaze of glory. You watch to much television, bitch,” of Comey,” Stuyvesant slammed. “Protect the poor from the rich rather than the rich from the poor. Comey’s not even a pig. He’s a hog.”

Foot Soldiers who reportedly witnessed Shakur & Anderson in action called their defense against the corrupt regime of officials a rare display of courage. Stuyvesant praised Shakur and Anderson and ENCOURAGED SOLDIERS STATEWIDE not TO LITTER THE STREETS WITH NEWSPAPER PHOTOS SMEARED WITH FECES OF THE SO CALLED OFFICERS.

2 Comments to “Sexy Hassan Shakur’s Virgins & F.A.K.E New Jersey Police Officers: Camacho, DiNardo, Molina, Mitchell & Lavelle’s Just Desserts”

  1. How sad, you just set blacks back another 100 years. Good work.

    Education starts in school. Therefore, I suggest you try attending, and learning how to cope with diversity.

    Your weak, and clearly unintelligent barrage of hate is merely a thinly veiled indication of your ignorance.

  2. I'm black, not a nigger like you…I'm so disgraced by this website, not only that were from the same race but even more that we're both part of the human race. You need a reality check brotha. My father was a police officer and so and I, these pigs, or terrorists as you call them have backed my black ass up again and again, putting thier white ass on the line for me.I can only hope that one day you will be in need and that one of these whities comes and saves you regardless of your stupidity and arrogance. Street soldier?…really, try spending a night on one of my shifts in Watts brotha, then we will see who the real sreet soldier is.African American is a race with heritage, Nigger is the only word that describes you, so I guess in the end we aren't from the same race.

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