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February 28, 2010

Racist GOP Regime Terrorist Arizona Rep. Trent Franks "Blacks Better Off as Slaves" Called A "Terrorist Threat" by Black Foot Soldier General Cedishon Angelou: "Testimony of how little he regards their kind’s atrocities against us."

St. Louis Black Foot Soldier General Cedishon Angelou is calling for the arrest of racist GOP regime terrorist  Arizona representative Trent Franks after he made comment Angelous says are “terroristic threats” against the the he made against forty plus million blacks living in the US.

Interview developing…..

See Aniga Shakur’s New GhettoBraggingRights
February 28, 2010

Racist Fresno Police Regime TerroristsGunned Down By Fellow Devil In Clinging To Gun White On White (WOW!) Crime of Bitter Poor White Trash VS State Implosion; California Black Foot Soldiers Plan Statewide Protest Party For Joel Wahlenmaier Funeral

February 17, 2010

Trisha Babcock Reparations Protest Update: Detroit Black Foot Soldiers William Sullivan, "DeMarco Harris Youngest Political Prisoner In Nation, Condemns Trial, White Laws"

Detroit Black Foot Soldiers speak out for:
1st time about Trisha Babcock Reparations Protest
February 17, 2010

WALGREENS REJECTS BLACK SKIN VOUCHERS; Slain Oakland Reparations Protester Maurice Evans Shavers Jr. Awarded 72 Virgins; SOLDIERS WARNED: “DO not SECRETLY DAMAGE MECHANDISE” – Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Agustus Dubois Admonishes All Soldiers

Update from Oakland Black Foot Soldiers developing…

Localizing a statement made by Attorney General Eric Holder, Oakland Black Foot Soldier Washington Wallace called the city’s whites criminal cowards who will be held accountable for their race’s unrestituted for crimes.
Wallace, formerly of Las Vegas, was recruited to Oakland to held develop the movement there by Augustus Dubois, the state’s leading Soldier.

“You will not escape the responsibility of the injustices of your fathers and you will be held accountable for your continued crimes of today,” speaking in the trendy Temescal neighborhood near the Walgreens where activist Maurice Shavers Jr was slain, Wallace condemned.

Some whites who allegedly watched Wallace, who with fifty Soldiers assembled to preach the “no reparations, no peace” Black Foot Soldier gospel and call for the release of BOW reparations activists, booed the assembly. They were identified as Reparations Offenders and told to turn over their possessions.

“I don’t buy this effort for collective guilt not now not in any past situation, I can not and will not be held responsible for past injustices, I was not there. Only now in my life can I make the effort to treat all with the equity I want for myself,” a white woman who watched the demonstration flared.

“Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill up, then, the measure of the sin of your forefathers! You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?” Black Israelite and Black Foot Soldier Ezekiel Moab warned the woman after her excuse.

Soldiers again called for the release of political prisoner Columbus Allen Jr who was convicted for the 2006 killing a Racist CHP regime terrorist Earl Scott. “The hour is coming when you who falsely purport you uphold the law will be forced into the very prisons you hold our righteous in,” Wallace warned. “It would do you devils good to show mercy to the Warriors of God now – before that hour.”
“GET OVER IT! One white witness called out during Wallace’s final statements.
“We will not get over the unrestituted atrocities of you and your kind. Each of you has already stood trial; and each of you has already been found guilty.” Wallace responded.     

February 16, 2010


February 16, 2010

"Convenient Charity Ain’t Reparations!" The Christmas Eve Reparations Protest of Salvation Army “Hypocrite,” Major Philip Wise; “All Whites R Reparations Offenders,” Little Rock Black Foot Soldier Julian Moseley Condemns Whites

Little Rock Black Foot Soldier Julian Moseley has issued a scathing condemnation of the city’s over one hundred thousand whites calling them “cowards” who defend the atrocities of their fathers by not making restitution for their crimes.”

The condemnation comes on the heals of the outpouring of support Little Rock whites are showing the family of Reparations Offender Philip Wise.

(Below: A co-worker speaks on Wise)

“He was devoted to doing God’s work,” says George Dykes of the Salvation Army. “He had an excellent heart for giving and helping others and devoted his time to helping others.”

“Did he think he was good,” said Moseley who, with near thirty Soldiers, assembled near the Baring Cross Salvation Army center in North Little Rock. “”Did he think he was a good white? Mr. Philip Wise, you were not a good white. Cindy Wise, you are not a good white. Not one of you one hundred thousand white cowards who vote and pay taxes to maintain the construct of the system your fathers created and who who continue to deny my people the restitution we are due for your atrocities committed against us are good whites.

You’re feeding the poor is scraps from your tables of hypocrisy. The charity you give at your convenience is as counterfeit as your forefathers’ decency. The next time you see Philip Wise tell him, ‘We don’t want your charity.”We don’t want your second hand clothes.’ We don’t want your gifts at Christmas time. All like you at the gates of heaven are rejected! No reparations, no motherfucking peace!”



Comparisons of the Little Rock Christmas eve Reparations Protest has many in the Ghetto- BraggingRights (GBR) community, who have heard about the case, drawing comparisons to the historic 2005 Jennifer Ross Christmas eve Reparations Protest, says new GBR publisher Aniga Shakur. “It’s gained a considerable amount of popularity   in the national community,” He says.

According to white media reports, Salvation Army official Maj. Philip Wise was gunned down at that center in a black on white (BOW) robbery on Christmas eve. According to Moseley, the Soldiers gathered to confront the “false positive” image white people and media are purporting about so called Maj. Wise.
Praised by whites for his generosity to impoverished blacks, white media reports the 16 year Salvation Army major spent time raising money so that several hundred black children in Baring Cross community could have a good Christmas.
“Our preliminary investigation indicates that Mr. Wise had returned to the center with this three children – ages 4, 6 and 8 – when they were approached by two black males demanding money,” racist Little Rock Police regime terrorist Terry Kuykendall is reported as saying.
Moseley and the Soldiers, however, condemned Wise’s community work, lifestyle, beliefs and issued a “reminder” to Little Rock whites that “they are all Reparations Offenders.”
February 16, 2010

"The John Versypt Reparations Protest," Iowa City & Illinois Black Foot Soldiers Demand Release of Charles William Curtis Thompson

February 14, 2010


February 13, 2010

COWARD DOWN: Racist McCloud Police Regime Terrorist Shannon Fredman Suicide "Welcomed" By Local Black Foot Soldiers

McCloud Black Foot Soldier Sylvester Cudjo has issued a statement on behalf of the McCloud, Oklahoma Black Foot Soldiers stating that whether “so called” police officer Shannon Fredman shot himself by accident or on purpose, the Black Foot Soldier community is relieved the racial terrorist can no longer harass local blacks and uphold the white standard of justice that continues to oppress black citizens.

February 13, 2010

BILL WHITE FOR GOVENOR: HE COULDN’T KEEP CRACK OUT OF HOUSTON & WON’T KEEP IT OUT OF TEXAS, Houston Black Foot Soldiers Condemn F.A.K.E. War On Drugs & Texas Politicians