Catch The Holy Ghost & Relive The November 29, 2009 Sermon At The Forenza Coffee Shop By Soldier Maurice Clemmons! GhettoBraggingRights Street Investigations Reveals New & Never Before Heard Possible Details About The Protest, by BLACKMALEFELON Publisher Malachi Elish

One Comment to “Catch The Holy Ghost & Relive The November 29, 2009 Sermon At The Forenza Coffee Shop By Soldier Maurice Clemmons! GhettoBraggingRights Street Investigations Reveals New & Never Before Heard Possible Details About The Protest, by BLACKMALEFELON Publisher Malachi Elish”

  1. This is for 3-year-old Cicero at the time all of this took place ,, 3, months prior to this incident. I had major surgery on my legs for peripheral artery disease. I’ve also had battles with heart disease 3 heart attacks, cancer survivor, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and severe sleep apnea, Just to Name A Few, June 1, 2010 started out like any other day in great pain for me. Very able to move my legs after surgery but we meaning me and my wife of 34 years had a child from family that needed our assistance. This child want to go to the park. Just so happens That mornin my neighbor to be stopped by the house and ask would we like to go through the park with them. Just one of those days you couldn’t say no on, so off to the park we went. It was just one problem I was unable to walk that far. So I grabbed my bike and walked it while I straddled it. And off to the park we went,. Upon arriving at the park, I spied my under the influence nephew the father of the child coming across the park. I immediately called the police as instructed to do so by the social service office of Carver County and we begin discussing Cicero. He snatched his hand my nephew Pulled away. He grabbed it again and began to walk away! Things got loud and out hand quickly. We began a heated argument 3 white males and their children, were at the playground. They began to shout at me you can’t talk like that here and I asked politely. Please don’t interfere, they began to walk toward me. Please this is none of your business stay out of it. They continue to proceed towards me.I feared for my life. I had a small Louisville slugger baseball bat on my bike so I fell back towards my bike and grabbed it. Seeing the 3men still coming towards me I thought to myself the best defense is a good offense. So I rushed with all my strength towards the 1st attacker. He grabbed a child and held the child up in the path of my on coming bat.. I dropped the bat and asked him was he crazy at the time the police arrived. I turned from him and headed down the slope towards the police cars they got out of the cars and came over. And upon arriving, I recognize Joshua Lorenz and another officer I did not know at the time I said officers I need your assistance. I have a missing child. There he is. Please help me his parents are very sick immediately. The 2 officers begin the takedown maneuver on me, slamming me to the ground beating me in my back and stepping on my neck and back. This is where the 1st injuries to my leg and back happen . I’m still screaming at the top of my lungs help the child. After a while they snatched me up searched me find some weed on me and knew they had their man so they proceeded to take me to jail. When we arrived at the jail. Quite a few officers came to the sally port. The harassment began again, pulling and tugging and pushing against the wall, bending my legs an some awkward position for a guy with staples in his legs after they was sure I was clean very began to take me to the jail cell hurting me a little bit on the way upon arrival they threw me into the jail cell and begin to come in with the bending my fingers and legs flipped me over and I began to have chest pains and shortness of breath. They offered me an inhaler. I refused it. The chest pains got more worse eventually they called 911. I could no longer walk they offered assistance. I said and I quote you assist you have assisted me quite enough know. Thank you I proceeded to crawl to the gurney for the way the paramedics to assist me in getting out of this place. Upon laying on the gurney. They strapped me on and proceeded to roll the to the sally port where their vehicle set upon entering the vehicle 2 officers accompanied me. The next thing I know one of the officers begin to step on my legs. I screamed out in agonizing pain as I’m being kicked in the head and stabbed in my arm with the needle ripping through my skin like a hot knife through butter in a V-shaped fashion by one of the paramedics. I looked up at him as I was going under with whatever he gave me. I take a lot of medications. I thought her strain. She did ask before he stabbed me with the needle. When we arrived at the hospital. I was unconscious, but the hospital reports will say I was alert and very cordial. This is one of this the discrepancies. I’ve also went to the chief of police Mr. Scott Knight . I also had a public defender, a Bethany Hunsberger , that refuse to believe in my innocence, I tried to fire her release 7 times. I also appealed this case to and no judge would hear my case and Carver County. They had to send to Ramsey County for a judge and he refused my appeal. Where is the justice

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