Kidnapped, Raped & Killed: Did 15 Year Old Devil Ann Harrison Get The Racial Karma Her Kind Is Due & Were Roderick Nunley & Michael Taylor Assigned By Allah As Spirits Of Karma So Whites Reap What They Have Sewn?


23 Comments to “Kidnapped, Raped & Killed: Did 15 Year Old Devil Ann Harrison Get The Racial Karma Her Kind Is Due & Were Roderick Nunley & Michael Taylor Assigned By Allah As Spirits Of Karma So Whites Reap What They Have Sewn?”

  1. Hey, assholes! When are you going to pay your passage to America when you escaped your cannibal brodas in afwica?

  2. This all happened to your ancestors?

    How does that affect you?

    Lots of things affected my ancestors, none of it happened to me.

    Slavery continues to this day for the black man. Why aren't you doing anything about that?

    Blacks sell blacks today, not hundreds of years ago, today. Where is your outrage?

  3. Yes, the white man stole many a slave. But the black man made the black man property. Still does.

  4. So, would it be fair if you reaped their Karma?

    No, it wouldn't.

  5. When this shit pops off you people will feel the white hot hatred your ancestors did.The only place ebonics will be spoken is in hell.

  6. All niggers belong in a cage(prison),they are to fucking dumb to live with the rest of humanity.We as the human race need to toss their monkey asses in a giant gas chamber and kill every last one of you fatherless bastards.

  7. New found hate,

    Your hate doesn't sound new at all. Also, your racially terroristic ideas are in the vain of your morally reprobate forefathers. Is it this community's fault “white” & “evil” emerged as synonymns; or, is it the fault of your own reprobate kind ? Congrats on drinking from their cups!


  8. None of thia matters come the Apocalypes of the Dead. The Z virus will claim ALL races and all will return as the damned of the dead. The virus will descend from space born on angel wings of steel and fire and claim all. The Hungry Dead care not for race, reparations or guilt. They will kill, those they kill will get up and kill. Karma will borne in the tattered flesh and tearing teeth of the reanimates and ALL will pay

  9. Yousef you be so funny.

  10. The concept of karma does not exist in Islam. You'll need to base your irrational racist hatred on something other than the will of merciful God.

  11. Oh my god. This is how you justify the rape and murder of a 15 year old human being? I used to sympathize with blacks until i moved to an area that they actually live in, and now i think i can say i hate them. You live like monkeys, have no fathers 90% of the time, steal-mainly from neighboors but also from taxpayers and do nothing but point their yellow nail fingers at everyone else. Black foot soldiers, lol.

  12. We'll let me say i'm white But i do not i repeat not judge people by a skincolour their believings or their job

    i judge people for his/her own behaviours, i do know a lot of ood black/brown people and i know a lot good people who believes in alah, also i know many good white people but i do also know bad assholes white and black

    in fact what im saying dont judge the people on their skincolour but on their behaviour!! we all born the same way we all have red blood and we all have the same basic needs when we born the only diffrence is how we are raised by our parents i believe in humanity

    Stop hating eachother 🙂

    greetings and wisdom from me (livin in the Netherlands)

  13. You're all just a bunch of white devils in denial of your forefathers' racial terrorism. Congrats on fulfilling their crimes! Praise God Ann Harrison is not among you any more to support that racial terror against the family of the people of color. In Jesus' name, fuck her and each of you.

    • How can you even praise God or use in the name of Jesus with those hateful remarks? You are no more than a racist pig. I’m black and proud but also humane! Why perpetuate hate? White/Black, what does it matter? Thou shall not murder, on of our 10 commandments. Recite what is stated in scripture not your mind of hate. You make me ashamed to be black!

  14. Why do black fairy soldiers always terrorize the weak?

    Why not go hand to hand with a white man one on one instead of running up behind him and sucker punching and then running away?

    Because you are cowards? Yes. Black fairy soldiers are cowards that attack the innocent and the weak.

    Rot in hell.

  15. White Hypocrite said:
    Why do black fairy soldiers always terrorize the weak?

    During the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and even until today your kind have racially terrorized all in the family of the people of color – from babies to the elderly. It's hilarious to hear you wine about what yours have done and continue to do to others being returned to you. The real question is was reparations offender Ann Harrison raped and killed enough.

    • Is there really a website for this trash?? There’s really niggers that not only kno how to use a computer, they can set up a website to blame white victims?? Wow, just wow… I can’t fucking WAIT til law is lawless and the race wars start. You dumb nigs probably think that because the average black female has more testosterone than the average white male, that you might have a chance against Gods pure children, but as you’re all half MONKEY, you’ll beat your chests and bark in anger as every set of brown eyes, white palms and afro sheens gets sent to nigger hell 😮

    • Blacks are just so dumb… The first slaves were blacks that owned other blacks then sold then to whites for top dollar selfishly. Who the fuck cares about the transatlantic trading that shit was so long ago you fucking retards, if you’re going to continue to bitch about shit that happened long before you were born, don’t be so biased and ignorant with your grievances. Someone translate this into ebonics please

  16. There’s a place in hell for you roderick nunley, you don’t even deserve to have your name capitalized or even have a name, your no more than a prison inmate number. Hell is to good for you but it’s the only place I know where you will get the attention you so deserve! Is it our fault you that you decided to binge on drugs? If you were still in mother Africa, who would you blame for your pitiful actions? You need to go to hell and stop prolonging the inevitable, you did it you pay with your life. This is for you “thatnigga”. It seems your still pissed off about something that happened 3 generations before your time but now “Racism” is your calling? The only thing I regret is that it wasn’t you, your daughters,sons, mother, and grandmother being raped, sodomized, and stabbed to death in the stomach/neck. You can go fuck yourself and perpetuate hatred in jail, where you belong until it’s time to go to your eternal hell. Burn you racist pig, burn!!!!!

  17. this baboon will see his karma tonight. lol

  18. The racist comments on her by blacks against whites, are too ignorant to be believed. Apparently someone wants to start a race war and is creating these ignorant, racist comments as fuel for the fires of hatred. There is no excuse for raping and killing a fifteen year old girl; there is no karmic Justice or avenging spirit; there is only two dumbass drug addicts who acted on their impulses and had to pay the price.

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