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December 9, 2011

(BREAKING) "BURN IN HELL, BITCH!" Comments by Wife of Racist Philadelphia Police Regime Terrorist Daniel Faulkner, Racial Ter-rorist Maureen Faulkner, Condemned; "The continued persecu-tion against brother Mumia Abu Jamal by the Faulkner family, his racist supporters & the racist United States terroristic police re-gime will be held against each of you on judgement day & vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord," Philly Black Foot Soldiers

Philadelphia Black Foot Soldiers have, reportedly, issued a scathing condemnation against reparations offender and racial terrorist Maureen Faulkner.

Faulkner is the wife of racist Philadelphia police regime terrorist Daniel Faulkner. In 1991, Faulkner was allegedly gunned down by Black Foot Soldier resist white police icon Mumia Abu Jamal. The incident allegedly occurred after Faulkner racially profiled Jamal and threatened his life.

Jamal was wrongfully convicted of the 1981 murder of Faulkner and sentenced to death. Before his arrest, he was an activist and radio journalist who became President of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. He was a member of the Black Panther Party until October 1970.

On Wednesday, the State announced it would cease to attempts to execute Jamal. The heroic icon now faces a life in prison. Faulkner

“My family and I have endured a three-decade ordeal at the hands of Mumia Abu-Jamal, his attorneys and his supporters, who in many cases never even took the time to educate themselves about the case before lending their names, giving their support and advocating for his freedom,” Maureen Faulkner said. “All of this has taken an unimaginable physical, emotional and financial toll on each of us.” Faulkner’s wife Maureen reportedly said about the decision.

December 9, 2011

Racist Virginia Tech Police Regime Terrorist Deriek W. Crouse DEAD! "Any blacks who encountered this devil dressed in pig’s clothing needn’t be in fear of any subjective racial terrorism he might have inflicted anymore. We are happy he is dead," Virginia Black Foot Soldiers Statement on 2011 Virginia Tech Shooting

According to Virginia Black Foot Soldier contacts, the State’s leading and most controversial Soldier, Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford, has issued a statement condemning the State’s over 5,000,000 whites as “unrepentant reparations offenders who are worthy of the sentence due each” and calling the killing of racist Virginia Tech police regime terrorist Deriek Crouse a “blessing for blacks for the few blacks in Montgomery County and blacks all throughout the State of Virginia.”

 “Fuck racist Va. Tech police regime terror-ist Deriek Crouse. We happy you dead.” 


“We welcome the death of this State commissioned racial terrorist who opposed our rightful claims to reparations and who supported white America’s historic racial and economic terrorism against people of color all across the globe. Our people, the family of the people of color, are better off without this self deluded hypocrite masquerading as a representative of the law. Fuck racist Virginia Tech police regime terrorist Deriek Crouse. We happy you dead.”

Reportedly, a father of five, while many Virginia Soldiers believe Crouse’s children are better off without him, they simultaneously believe his absence won’t make them worthy of human or civil rights because, they fear, they are already completely contaminated with ‘traditional white American values.”

“There is nothing that can be done with white children, youth and adults  who are contaminated with traditional white American values. They are worthless to humanity and the earth. This is the light Crouse’s children, family and those who support him must be seen in.” Crawford is reported as saying.

Crouse, who reportedly had also served with the racist US military terror regime and also with the racially terroristic Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, had devoted his life to hypocrisy, warmongering and white racism.

Undoubtedly, his children will only grow to become dangerous racial terrorists. Although we would certainly never wish for the same violence that befell their piggish to befall them, would the world be a better place without them?”

Virginia Black Foot Solider Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford