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December 14, 2011

Eve Carson Reparations Protest Update: Vile & Flagrant Reparations Offender Carson Denied Holocaust Till Death;

Vile and flagrant reparations offender Eve Carson, whose family is suspected of direct Trans Atlantic slave trade ownership reportedly denied reparations and the Trans Atlantic Holocaust even in her last moments of life. According to Chapel Hill Black Foot Soldiers reportedly  attending the trial, in her last minutes of life, Carson attempted to deceive acclaimed BOW reparations protesters Demario Atwater and Lawrence Lovett by asking them to pray to white people’s invisible God with her.

 “We must remember that white people’s invisible god approved their historic racism against our ancestors for over 400 years & approves of their continued racism today.”

 – Greenville Black Foot Soldiers Hezekiah Rankin.

“We must remember, today, that white people’s invisible god not only approved their historic racial terrorism against us and our ancestors for over 400 years, but too, their invisible god approves of their continued racial terrorism today,” says Greenville Black Foot Soldiers Hezekiah Rankin. “This was clearly another attempt by this reparations offender to deny our Holocaust. Ultimately, we hold Eve Carson accountable for her own death. Her blood is own her racially terroristic family’s hands. Fuck  Eve Carson and all Holocaust deniers like her.”

The Eve Carson Reparations Protest: Superstar Reparations Protester Lawrence Lovett Pleads Not Guilty; Raleigh, Dur-ham & Chapel Hill Black Foot Soldiers Along w/National Black Foot Soldier Network Support “Apparent Self Defense Case;” … “Eve Carson was a from a family suspected of di-rect slave ownership. She was a generational race criminal on the run from justice – until she met brothers Lawrence & Demario” – North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy

The State’s illegal trial against renown BOW reparations protest superstar Lawrence Lovett is expected to begin November 28th. Lawrence is one of the two activists who staged 2008 protest against flagrant twenty-two year old reparations offender and Eve Carson. (More)