(BREAKING) "Thank God Racist New York City Police Regime Terrorist Peter Figoski is Dead & May No Longer Racially Profile our Citizens," NY City Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Lamont Pride Alleged Black On Black (BOB) Crime, Praise Heroic Stance Against White Police Terror


5 Comments to “(BREAKING) "Thank God Racist New York City Police Regime Terrorist Peter Figoski is Dead & May No Longer Racially Profile our Citizens," NY City Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Lamont Pride Alleged Black On Black (BOB) Crime, Praise Heroic Stance Against White Police Terror”

  1. You are rights chicago police and their white trash fake lawyers are terorrists they are framing all minoritys while covering for the WHITE boy the worst criminal on planet earth. White trash cops are screwing with all my lawyers for they wont get sued

    I have the evidence to prove it in court they are covering for a WHITE MOB in chicago, who gets away with hundrds of crimes and setups. I have names and evidenc to prove this, thats how racist white tyrash really is

  2. All white trash is the same they think their better then evyrbody but thats false I can destroy any white boy at anything.

    They have fucked up brains all that white trash

    I figured everything out for detective white trash in chicago because thy are braindead

  3. then learn to spell nigger

  4. this page is an absolutely disgusting!!! you are the racist POS and you need to get this page taken off!!!

  5. One day, I was sitting in my car in Canarsie on Shore Road just before the entrance ramp to the west bound Belt Parkway. I had stopped on the left side of the street to check my brakes because I heard a noise. As I stopped, a light brown 2002-2006 Nissan Altima passed me on the right and then backed up next to me and then made a sharp left turn to stop in front of me. Two robbers jumped out of the car with their guns pointed at my face and told me to get out of the car. They then searched me and searched my car. I had nothing of value. Then when they saw that I was not a threat, they offered to tell me how I can make a a lot of money. I politely told them to go fuck themselves. They asked me many questions like, where do you live and why am I so far from my home (12 blocks). Then, when they saw I was no value, they left. I called 911 to report an attempted robbery. They sent the terrorist pig, Dana Ladson on the 69th pct. to my house. I told him everything INCLUDING THE FUCKING PLATE NUMBER of the car the robbers were driving. The terrorist refused to take the report. I asked him for a copy of the report and he told me that he won’t take the report because TO HIM it sounds like a routine police stop. The robbers never asked for my driver’s license or ID and never identified themselves as cops or anything else. They were wearing black hoodies, blue jeans and work boots. One was about 5’10” at about 175 lbs with a well trimmed very short beard and the other was short, fat and had a receding hairline and fucking stupid goatee that made him look like he spent the past three hours sucking the other guy’s dick.
    I told Dana Ladson that I TO ME it was an attempted robbery and I WANT THE FUCKING COPY OF THE FUCKING REPORT. Nothing but excuse and lip service. That’s when I realized that I am dealing with terrorists. I hung my head and went home. I called the station the next day for a copy of the report. They didn’t find the report. It was clear that Dana Ladson knows who robbed me and is protecting their identity. I called CCRB and Internal Affairs. The investigation rolled down and rolled down until the head terrorist at the 69th pct. was given the case to investigate his own men. I don’t know how to continue writing this. That cocksucker came to my home had the fucking nerve to ask me if my family feels safe at home? NO! CAN MY FAMILY FEEL FUCKING SAFE AT HOME WHEN OUR POLICE FORCE IS A TERRORIST SYNDICATE?!?!? This supervisor also plays stupid about who tried to rob me. He knows who they are! I gave Dana Ladson his fucking plate number. The supervisor at the 69th pct is also hiding the identity of the men who tried to rob me.
    The CCRB and IAB are a farce of police pretending to investigate police. I’m leaving this terrorist state as soon as I can afford it! It’s a shame. I used to love this country passionately! I’t gone. There is no more America. A dead cop is a dead terrorist. Rejoice! Figoski is in hell!

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