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February 20, 2012

(BREAKING) REPARATIONS OFFENDER KARISSA KUNCO SLAYING UPDATE! Did Vengeance Spirit of White Supremacist Murder Victim Emmett Till Issue Universal Restitution Warrant for Kunco’s Life for Racist Lie Carolyn Bryant Told that Resulted in His Murder? (PLUS) Are You the Kind of White Divine Race Karma Seeks Retribution Against?

NBFSN Divine Race Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept

Reparations offender and historical racial terrorist Carolyn Bryant, the primary culprit behind the lie that lead the murder of fourteen year old Emmett Till, has never expressed remorse for her actions. Born in 1934, the daughter of a racist plantation manager and a nurse, many are surprised to know that she is still alive and, reportedly, still living in the same area where the heinous race crime took place. 

While reportedly in the minds of many African Americans, they (Carolyn Bryant, Roy Bryant [husband] and J. W. Milam [Roy’s half brother]) will go down in history as the trio that got away, with the spirits of billions of denied to human rights while living African Americans now released from their divine tombs – and Emmett Till’s spirit allegedly being among them, how many lives of whites will they demand be witnessed to to suffice for the restitution for their racial atrocities the generations of today’s whites failed make?
“While the return of our ancestors’ spirits to this realm could have been a celebration, had these – the descendants of those who dehumanized and racially terrorized our ancestors for centuries – taken responsibility and made restitution for their crimes, but instead (in their return) they are tasked with returning unto whites all the evil and vile works they committed against them; and, this retribution, according to the laws of the universe, will not be done without the due interest that has now been accrued for those race crimes.”

(New translation by NBFSN Divine Race Karma interpreter Hallowed Yeclept pending…)