The Kirsten Brydum Reparations Protest & Divine Racial Karma Killing (FLASHBACK!); "We can only be thankful this racist hypocrite & Holocaust denier is dead." – NBFSN

San Francisco Black Foot Soldiers are calling the Kirsten Brydum reparations protest, which was staged while the reparations offender was visiting New Orleans, an “incredible act of courage against” against a “vile and hypocritical reparations offender” who confused “supporting President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign as making reparations for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.”

“Reparations offenders like Kirsten Brydum, who call themselves ‘liberal’  are self delusional hypocrites who are   just as morally corrupt as their so called republican rivals.  White liberals represent white liberalism. Their values are entwined with the color of their skin.  That they confuse their support of the Democratic Party and confuse their support of President Barack Obama as making proper reparations for their ongoing and generational race crimes against African Americans demonstrates that they are just as self serving as the generations of morally debased and racially psychotic white devils who came before them,” says controversial  Seattle Black Foot Soldier Alfred Issaquah Shafford.

“We have nothing but ‘go to hell’ and ‘fucks’ for reparations offender Kirsten Brydum who  dared to come into our city and claim support for a Democratic black presidential candidate while simultaneously standing opposed to reparations for the Trans Atlantic Slave. Fuck you bitch. Supporting Obama is not reparations. Did she think she wouldn’t have to answer for her race’s unrestituted for crimes? Let the dogs lick up her blood and the birds pick at her flesh.” New Orleans Black Foot Soldier Katrina Ahmadinejad condemned.

According to white media reports, Brydum was,  was shot in the head and killed in an apparent robbery,  after spending a Friday evening in a dance club.

But NOLA Black Foot Soldiers say they believe that the hypocritical reparations offender turned a peaceful black on white (BOW) reparations protest violent and forced the apparant NOLA Black Foot Soldier into a position where he had to defend himself against her.

“We can only be thankful that the kind of dangerous racial hypocrisy she emitted as light can no longer shine before the world.”

8 Comments to “The Kirsten Brydum Reparations Protest & Divine Racial Karma Killing (FLASHBACK!); "We can only be thankful this racist hypocrite & Holocaust denier is dead." – NBFSN”

  1. I'm tired of you blacks not getting the fucking point! We need to be separate. White and black don't mix. As for your reparations, Ain't welfare enough for you lazy fucks? Oh and by the way your site says you don't advocate violence yet you condone it in this article and others. It isn't your fault though because your kind is naturally violent. BUT you bring that shit near me and I'll call my klan buddies. You can have the southeast and us whites can have the pacific northwest. Otherwise there will be a race war and you won't like the results.

  2. Ahh yes, the murder victim is the problem here not the criminal. You guys make it impossible to be sympathetic to your cause.

  3. @ Ahh yes, the murder victim is the problem here not the criminal. You guys make it impossible to be sympathetic to your cause.

    The problem is with your perception. Kirsten Brydum was the criminal.

    You think, for example, that people like George Washington & other prominent historic whites who owned slaves & are identified as the founding fathers of this “great nation” were great & heroic “pioneers.” You don’t see them as racial ter-rorists. Tell me, how shall you then see yourself as one?

  4. we have stepped into your digital footprint. Beware. Soon you shall get what you want, and you will be begging to grub in the afican plains.

  5. The author of this site, whomever you are are, you are indeed a very SICK person.

  6. The author of this blog is clearly psychotic and has significantly impaired cognitive function, as do the some clearly racist commentators who have replied.


  7. The irony is that Kirsten, a well-known anarchist (not a liberal), who truly loved people of all backgrounds, and who inspired everybody around her to fight for justice for black people and all people of color, poor people, LBTQ, the planet, and all other oppressed groups – is the target of hate! Irony knows no bounds!
    Blackfootsoldier – listen. Kirsten, and all the other Kirsten’s out there, are an ALLY, not an enemy, in the fight to condemn the (ongoing) holocaust of black people in this country! White people aren’t your enemy! Greedy racists who brutalize black people are your enemy. A quick look at African history, even over the last 50 years alone, will show you that black-skinned people can act just as greedy, racist and despicable as the worst white Americans. Being white doesn’t make you evil, BEING EVIL makes you evil.
    Your call for reparations will be amplified louder if you let more people (of all colors) take up the call, and not shoot them. Because whether we like it or not: “we’re all in this together.”

  8. Very interesting insight, sir. So now that we have lumped all white people into one really generalized category, does this include my Italian-American ancestors who never owned a slave in their life or did wrong to any black individual in the least? Be careful what you wish for. Karma works both ways brethren. Violence begets violence begets violence. You want to perpetuate the horrors your people have suffered by wishing that upon others? It makes you no different than the white devil you wish death upon. Keep on preaching that crazy bullshit brother. Peace.

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