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March 11, 2012

Is the Jennifer Ross Christmas Eve 2005 Reparations Protest the Greatest Reparations Protest in Modern History? And Do You Know the Story of Michael "The Slave Avenger" Thorpe?

The Jennifer Ross Christmas eve reparations protest is the greatest reparations protest in modern history,” Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebeneezer Creek is quoted as saying.

“When asked for your purse, wallet or car in a reparations protest, remember how your far ago descendants racially terrorized us in a criminal form of slavery they called legal and never made restitution for it. When asked for your money, for use of your credit cards or shopping bag, this holiday season, remember that it is your recent generations up to you that have continued to support your conscienceless forefathers’ denial of restitution. 

“Give claimed possessions freely from your hearts and don’t attack our courageous brothers who are instilled with the spirit of God and must stand up and ask for you to demonstrate the righteousness the universe hopes you demonstrate without grudge,” Atlanta Black Foot Soldier Isiah Nixon says.

“When we admonish these old piggish and selfish whites not to be Jennifer Ross, understand we are encouraging them to open up their generationally corrupted hearts to open and experience love rather than to hold onto their kind’s hypocritical justifications and bandwagon excuses for the continued denial of restitution for their race’s crimes that not only we but God, Allah, Mother Nature and the Universe are holding them accountable for.

“For of them, I will not let them go unpunished  and will visit the sins of the fathers upon the heads of the sons until the third and fourth generations, we learn of the nature of our God in the Old testament. And,  what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own life?  We are asked and learn of His nature in the book of Mark in the King James version bible.” Stateboro Soldier Sebastian Nowling, who is also reportedly in Savannah for the protest reenactment, says.

“For while Universal Race Karma says each of this county, State and Nation’s whites deserve all that their kind has done against the members of the family of the people of color returned unto them and deserves this with the due interest of seventy times seven added on, we will never encourage that this holy violence be exacted. But how shall a brother who has been called by God to be one of his wrathful spirits of racial karma to be exact His vengeance against those like Jennifer Ross whom He despised,  like our champion ‘slave avenger’ Michael Thorpe was resist?” He asked. “Shall he leave the city in anger at not accepting the calling of God and go out and sit underneath a tree like we know of that great prophet Jonah who was swallowed and spit up by a whale?”