"Our vote of confidence is against you white America, not just Sheriff Bill Lee. For it is you, white America, who can’t be trusted.It is you, white America that champions hypocrisy. It is you, white America, that – because of your historic & continued racial terrorism against us – time tells us you should be condemned & hated. Like the Bible, the era of ‘love your enemy’ is expired. It it is you, white America, who set yourselves in the position of being enemies to us. Because we are not your enemies, we are your victims." NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou

“Our vote of ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ is in you, not just so-called ‘chief Lee’, white America.” 

17 Comments to “"Our vote of confidence is against you white America, not just Sheriff Bill Lee. For it is you, white America, who can’t be trusted.It is you, white America that champions hypocrisy. It is you, white America, that – because of your historic & continued racial terrorism against us – time tells us you should be condemned & hated. Like the Bible, the era of ‘love your enemy’ is expired. It it is you, white America, who set yourselves in the position of being enemies to us. Because we are not your enemies, we are your victims." NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou”

  1. boo hoo the stupid fucking niggers have no confidence in White america, well we do have confidence in the niggers in this country. We are confident that they will rob, murder, rape and destroy pretty much everything they touch. This country was built by the whiteand if all the niggersw were gone things would improve so do you think we really care what you stool specimans think.

  2. Hey dummy,

    Most American whites are the descendants of post-emancipation immigrants from Germany. Germany never had colonies or participated in black slavery so you are supporting criminal attacks on people that never had anything to do with your ancestors.

    Clearly you are incapable of rational thought or civilized discourse.

    The largest slavery operation in modern history took place long after my white ancestors fought the Civil War to free your ancestors.

    Tens of millions of white Europeans were enslaved and murdered by the Bolshevik Ashkenazi in Russia from the nineteen-teens through the nineteen fiftees but you falsely claim to be unique victims – just like the fake “Jews” do in order to more effectively rob the wealth of white nations.

    I would not be surprised if this is an Ashkenazi fake “Jew” website since the propaganda is straight out of their neo-Marxist handbook.

    Please put on a uniform and fight as soldiers rather than as criminal cowards in hoodies.

    That is what real soldiers do.

    You are nothing but criminal thugs and cowards.

    I can hardly believe that you are proud of multiple male thugs attacking women.

    You are clearly vile cowards and have no honor.

  3. @ “Most American whites are the descendants of post-emancipation immigrants from Germany.

    Yet they still enjoyed the economic and social benefits of that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade & the concept of white supremacy afforded them as “white people”.

    They are no less guilty.

  4. Whitey said “Most American whites are the descendants of post-emancipation immigrants from Germany.”

    Kill Whitey said: “Yet they still enjoyed the economic and social benefits of that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade & the concept of white supremacy afforded them as “white people”.

    They are no less guilty.”

    Whitey says: So you subscribe to the neo-Marxist propaganda of the Frankfort School invented by the Ashkenazi who actually ran the slave trade in America and owned the most slaves. Interesting.

    Only about 2% of European whites ever owned any slaves in America. However if you look at Ashkenazi “Jews” in the South the number rises to about 40%.

    That is why they teach you to hate us. Misdirection. It is typical “Jewish” behavior (TJB).

    On a different note, I could easily argue that you are guilty because slavery has been practiced in Africa since the beginning of recorded history, is still practiced there today and you have done nothing to stop it (whereas as my white ancestors ended slavery in this country and around the world). You are guilty, guilty, guilty because you have benefited from black privilege by being raised in America where blacks enjoy the highest living standards of any blacks and you have left your African brothers in slavery and not lifted a finger to help them.

    See how easy the blame game is?

  5. STANDARD BULLSHIT WHITE PEOPLE ARE JUMPING ON NOW= “You guys should listen to what Farakhan has to say, you will learn that it was jews who ran the slave ships, traded and owned most of them too.Don't confuse jews as being white because they are not, they're jews.”

    Being a “Jew” is a matter of RELIGION, not Political and social classification OR of ethnicity. The White JEW is a White Supremacist just as much as their blood relatives from the Caucus who practice Xianity.

    the slave ships were owned and operated by WHITE PEOPLE regardless of religion..and the EUROPEAN JEWS WHO PARTICIPATED in it WERE ABSOLUTELY WHITE.. the Jews in govt. today ARE WHITE PEOPLE.. they aren't black, they aren't Persian or Babylonian..they are White and are from the same savage Caucus caves as the rest of these scum white supremacists who are like rapists who like to turn around and blame their victims after they have destroyed them. FILTHY DISGUSTING ALIEN HYBRIDS!!

    It's funny how the idiots are always trolling pages about slavery and black people's websites that discuss White Supremacy claiming that “the JEws did it all” as if we don't have the documentation OURSELVES that it was WHITE PEOPLE AS A DAMNED DISGUSTING COLLECTIVE..

    it is WHITE PEOPLE TODAY who maintain the System of White Supremacy (Racism) and benefit from it on a global scale. It is easy to find copious documentation that the Christian White Supremacists and the Jewish White Supremacists worked together to oppress, subjugate, dominate and mistreat ALL NON-WHITE PEOPLE on the planet BECAUSE they are not White.

    The White Jews are GENTILES just like their fellow Christian Hybrid cousins. Foreign to the earth, foreign to peace and the enemies of balance. They are liars and deceivers and on a whole patent SOCIOPATHS!
    These White Jew-Gentiles mistreat non-white Jews in the same manner that the rest of the Racist White scum mistreat non-white people.

  6. Yo Trayvon what up niggah,

    Nuttin much niggah, jus chillin in hell knowwhatimsayin.

  7. …africans sold africans, americans buy africans, americans worked africans. Americans let africans go.. africans stay…….. go away…

  8. yusef douglas
    w ohio street
    chicago, il 60644-1734

    hey i love what your doing yusef. Is this your contact info so we can get in touch?

    thanks bro

  9. Your point about the Ashkenazi is incorrect. People often have both a religion and an ethnic origin. American “Jews” are an ethnic group from central Asia of Turkic, Mongol, Edomite mixed origin that converted to Talmudism. They have never been regarded by Europeans as whites, nor have they ever regarded themselves as white Europeans. They are central Asians but you are apparently unaware of finer distinctions in race beyond the obvious ones.

    You can incorrectly consider them “white” all you want but they are swarthy central Asians that have cosmetic surgery in order to try to look more like us.

    Everyone wants to be us. Since you can never be us, you try to harm us out of jealousy and spite but if you get too carried away we can pull the plug on your government hand outs and you'll all starve to death after killing and eating each other in your ghettos.

  10. Let them take the Blood Tests, then, to prove it. Many of us have already taken it and are ready to prove our bloodline as Jews. Yet, not even those who call themselves Jews but lie who live in so called Israel are answering the call to take the new Blood Tests.

    Whta did i tell you about posting non reviewed nonsense to support your illogical fallacies?

    First off, an independent neutral lab verified your religion through your blood? or did it verify the region you people could have “potentially” lived in 5000 years ago. funny how you hate the white man, but youll use his technology and inventions to weave a web of lies to further your hate. Do you understand PCR or the concept of DNA? do you even understand how blood labs are done?

    Your answer is a firm, resounding NO.

    and about your 55 million slaves dying on slave ships over 400 years. the current us population of blacks is around 40 million. thats without all the diseases that were present in past and are currently present in africa aside from aids. 200 years ago africa could not have sustained a population large enough for your false made up number.

    here dumbass, lemme break it down.

    thats 400 slaves dying every single day on each ship over the entirety of the 400 year duration.

    you scared of facts cause they prove your stupid petty religion wrong?

  12. The Original Hebrews (Ethiopia) were not a Abraham Religion…

    “ALL Abrahamic Religions are plagiarized invention for the purpose of providing a religious justification for Imperialism.” -Dog Star

    The Arabs with Islam (Muslims) Jews with Judaism, and Christians with Christ

    “Zionism is not Judaism, and the rejection of Israel is not anti-Semitic.”

    The world's best kept secret…

    The people who call themselves Jews today are not the real Jews …
    The Real Jews are from Ethiopia, a black race

    Historians are now recognizing that the majority of eastern so-called
    “Jews” are actually “Khazars” and have NO Semitic roots whatsoever!

    The Khazars are not the true descendants of the Israelites of the Torah.

    The original Biblical Jews were a Black African people who were ruthlessly
    persecuted by the Romans.

    As predicted by Jesus, in this war Jerusalem was overthrown, the
    Temple was destroyed and the Black Hebrews were scattered.
    (Mat. 24:15-21, Luke 21: 5,6, 20-24) The loss of life was appalling.
    So many Hebrews were slain that the whole lake of Galilee
    was red with blood and covered with corpses. The noted historian,
    Josephus estimated that one million one hundred thousand perished in the
    siege of Jerusalem alone, a massive genocide.

    * Seeking to escape destruction, millions of original Black Biblical Jews fled into AFRICA!

    * Centuries later, their descendants were captured and sold into slavery in the Americas!

    If the original Jews were Black, where did whtie Jews come from?

    If the original Jews were Black, where did these Caucasians who call themselves Jews come from? There are two main types of white Jews, the Edomites and the Khazars. The Edomites are the descendants of Esau, who was born ruddy (red) and hairy.

    This describes the white man who is all shades of red, and hairy, according to Gen. 25:25; “And the first came out red all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau.”

    Esau was the albino, fraternal twin brother of Jacob, who was the father of the original Black Israelites. Rom 9:13 states, “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”

    The white Edomites and Black Israelites were constantly in conflict with each other, in fact, the Edomites fought the Black Jews in the Roman-Jewish War, but later in history, the Edomites (Idumeans) were conquered and forced to become Jews.

    Khazars make up over 90% of the so-called “Jews!”

  13. @ “So what about the white man who's family didn't come to the united states until the early 1900's way after slavery was abolished.

    Whites who didn't come to the US until the early 1900s still enjoyed the vast economic advantages and heightened social position slavery that the concept of white supremacy and the policy of 'separate but equal' afforded them. These advantages were still lived off the backs of the 'former' slaves and they were possible because of the slave system.

    Your forefathers came to this country and added to the burdens of our people.


  14. The original biblical and Hebrew Jews were a black African people. The present day counterfeit Jews are white people from Europe called “Khazars”, and they usurped the real Jews. However, the real black African and African American Jews can, and have proved that they are the descendents of the original Jews by way of Genetic testing-which has proven not only that they are the real and direct descendents of the original black African Jews, but a proximation of the tribe they are from, too. The present white Khazar Jews are converted Jews-and are not even the descendents of the original black Jews of Africa-and DNA testing has already proven this-even after the Khazars tried to tamper with the testing in order to justify their immoral and violent occupation of north central Israel.


  15. The Flugelrods (illustration) were the original Nordics before they crossbred with different races to acquire the appearance they possess presently. They are the originators of the Nordic race and live in a cavern beneath the Antarctic. Their chief is named Korg, the original Halaabites, meaning “to blush,” or Hulub. Flugelrods became known as the Neanderthals, or simply cave men, eating raw flesh, running around on fours, and living in a state of bestiality. They found their way into the inner caverns of the planet. Many of them took residence there while others in time used the trickknology (sic) and terrorized other innocent tribes. This seed moved behind the Caucasus Mountains and up into Russia and became known as the Khazars.

    And, wool haired seven ether, orientalist of this seed called Asiatic were known as the Sefarad or Sefaradim Jew. These are the grafted devils that Yaaquub created. They are your Flugelrods, original Khazars, and your Asiatic, Ashkhenazims. Their symbol being the universe, the moon called Ummar, the sun called Qamar, and the bright morning star, they (also) use the crescent moon and the pentagram that is the 5-pointed star.

    This pale man, or Halaabean, Flugelrod should not be confused with the albino seed, the cursed Canaanites, meaning “low landers,” the descendants of Canaan, of 4,000 years ago before 2,000 years ago, or 6,000 years ago. The Caucasians who have blonde hair and blue eyes, are descendants from the Flugelrods. . . . Canaanites’ leprosy is the result of a curse of defected genes passed down to him from his mother Anis who was an Anaqite (Deuteronomy 9). Remember the Flugelrods and Canaanites produce extremely low levels of melanin, both are melanin recessive beings.

  16. The modern world has been falsely taught that the real Jews are those Europeans walking around in black and over sized hats. When one think of the real children of Israel they tend to believe these are the children of Israel. The word Jew is not a Hebrew word. It derives from Judahites of Judea. This means that a Jew is a descendant from the tribe of Judah. There were 12 tribes of Israel the tribe of Judah is only one of the tribes. The tribe of Judah is so-called black people in America when you read the Bible and is blessed to understand it by Yah. (Jeremiah 14:2) “Judah mourneth, and the gates (wise men) thereof languish: they are black (the real Jews are you so-called blacks in America) unto the ground (like the different shades if the earth). Jesus was a so-called black man that descended from the tribe of Judah. (Hebrew 7:14) “For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda”. In Revelation 22:16 Jesus tell us himself that he is from the root of David. Because Jesus (Yahawashi) only dealt with his people if he was walking the earth today he would be classified as a racist. He said himself he was only sent the lost sheep of the house of Israel, (Matthew 15:24). Those so-called white people that are calling themselves Jews today are liars! Those people that call them selves Jews today are Edomites and even some of the House of Japheth. They eventually Departed Mount Sier and moved into the caves in hill of Europe (Caucasus Mountains) thus they are know as Caucasians. Japheth had a barbaric empire called Khazaria. 80% of so-called white people that called themselves Jews today are Khazars that mixed in white edomites. These were a warring people, cold blooded ruthless killers. Yet they often cry the blues about what occurred under Hitler. Why do they not tell the world of their murderous nature during the Khazaria kingdom? Why do they not tell the world that the so-called white Jews finance the Trans Atlantic slave trade? They tell you that they only made up 5% of the slave trade but do not tell that about 70 to 80 % of them owned slaves.

  17. See:

    “Those Mongrels Ain't Jews & That Ain't Israel. Jerusalem Is Where The Jews Are Not Where America Built Illegitimacy. You Are Not Israel. TRADITION VS BLOOD: You Are The Synagogue Of Satan. As Jesus Despised You Imposters, We True Jews Despised You Too.” Blacks Against Israel (BAI); FEATURING EXCLUSIVE Excerpts From Ancient Egypt Historian Rondeux & Oracle Truth Revealed

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