Did Channon Christian think herself innocent of her kind’s crimes against us? Do you? The State of Knoxville VS GhettoBraggingRights Superstar Lemaricus Davidson: Da’ Remix! Knox County Black Foot Soldiers Ready for June 11 Date Condemn County & the State’s Whites; “All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian experienced."

“All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian experienced. Somebody remind these desolate demons called whites that this is what their forefathers would have us do unto them.” 
 Elijah Ahmadinedad

Channon was placed in a garbage can because that’s what she was. Christopher’s racist body left by the railroad tracks because that where he deserved to be,” says Elijah Ahmadinejad, a former Brushy Mountain prisoner who, is now incarcerated in the Morgan County facility.

24 Comments to “Did Channon Christian think herself innocent of her kind’s crimes against us? Do you? The State of Knoxville VS GhettoBraggingRights Superstar Lemaricus Davidson: Da’ Remix! Knox County Black Foot Soldiers Ready for June 11 Date Condemn County & the State’s Whites; “All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian experienced."”

  1. I know my post will be deleted but I just want you to know I truly hate any and all niggers as they are sub-human scum whose only purpose on this earth was to serve as the field animals they are. I hope there is a hell so you niggers can rot in it.

    • You’re no different than the scum who put this horrific site up. You make jokes and you can’t even see the hate this person is spewing. You’re no champion for the death of these two kids.

  2. I need a good shoeshine boy/toilet scrubber, and I hear Quannel “The Nigger” X excels at both. I'd like him to come over and do these chores for me right away, so tell him I'm waiting.

  3. Niggers are sub human!
    Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro has invented nothing.

    1). Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the pure‑blooded Negro)

    2). He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him)

    3). His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head. For shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.

    4). He never build a house although there were millions of board feet of lumber at his fingertips; he never built a table or chairs; he never built a chest of drawers, a dresser; he never built a bed, or desk; he never built a kitchen, never built a stove; he never formed a brick, until he saw the white man do it; he never made a knife, spoon, fork, dish, glass, cup, or any of the other things to eat with; he never built a building; created a money system; he never discovered how to doctor those who were sick except with a few natural remedis that he accidently found; he never built a fireplace to cook and warm himself with; he never weaved a piece of cloth, nor made a shirt, pants, dress, bed clothes, sheets, spreads, quilts, or anything of the sort; he never built an automobile, an airplane, a train, a bus, truck, tractor; he never farmed anything until the white man showed him how, and then when the white man left he let the tractors that he had been given sit and rust away, and the fields unplowed; he never dug a well to produce water for his crops, family, friends and etc., but when the white man came and dug the wells and installed the pumps they used the water with glee, but when the white man left and the pump wore out instead of fixing it they went to the city and begain begging the white man for more food and water.

  4. Websites such as this will hasten your extermination. Keep up the good work, keep rapin, robbin' an killin' yt. It's all a part of a grander plan that you and most yt's are not aware of. I pray you stay ignorant of it. Your day of annihilation is closer than previously planned.

  5. “All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian experienced. Somebody remind these desolate demons called whites that this is what their forefathers would have us do unto them.”

    Quote of the year!

    • you think you,re smart soldierx you taken this any dam way you wanted it other way around nigger when they had your black A$$ as slave in still keep sale you … they need find dam tree somewhere hang all of you demons called black.. that what ours forefather would have us do unto nigger piece trash.. you stupid lamaricus davidson you think yourseft as smart well you,re not enjoyed your new home 4×8 cell your time soon been up trash.. ad when your time come for the lethal injeting you,re meet your forefather satan… ad alsoyour blackfoots soldier GO ________________ HELL

    • all blacks demons called blacks need been hung in tree. that what ours forefather would have us do unto them that murders, carjacking, toreture, raped.. all the horried crimes been commited by you niggors,, gang bang thugs.. your dam forefather going help right in pit of h*** satan yours all fathers.. judgement of krama come after you ad rest of the trashs.. all of us wasn,t born in slavery time you stupid niggors ..you act like thugs die like one.. you all keep this nasty page going ad someboby give you blacks slavery what you l@@k for.. it been blacks shit everywhere…

  6. Blacks are the most evil race in history. Scum of the earth all blacks should die

  7. exodus 21-24- not withstanding if he continue aday or two,he shall not be punished .for he is his money. if men strive. an hurt a woman with child. so that her fruit depart from her. an yet no mischief follow. he shall be surely punished. according as the woman,s husband will lay upon him. an he shall pay as the judges determine. an if mischief follow then thou shall give life for life. eyes for eyes. tooth for tooth.hand for hand. foot for foot. burning for burning. wound for wound. stripe for stripe. the are god words not mine. don,t called us demons.. look like you all are the demons. who in prision for kidnapping,carjacking, torture, raped of unhuman act. you know the things if reader the really bible an not your own thinking bible are god,s who are not the really true living god. who shalt give his judgement in due time.. quote of the year !!! all i can said is faces up too what you all did. active for lamaricus, cobbins, boyd, thomas, coleman..

  8. all of these worthless losers are going to burn in hell forever and ever. There will be a special place in hell for these imbred fucks.

  9. Who the fuck is Elijah Apussybitchadad. Your muhammad is looking at you like your a complete fuck up cause your the type that fucks it up for all these fucking Muslims out here. Your the reason Your Allah Arkbar shit is bullshit. you and you your fagot foot soldiers are not gonna do anything except look like complete bitches. Nobodies even hearing your shit cause your in jail with all those aryan brothers out there prolly plunking your ass as we speak. I have guns too motherfucker. Nobodies scared of you cause of your stupid ass silhouette. I hope you die slow. My fo fo make sho none of your kids won’t grow. Bitch!

  10. Between the article, website, and ignorant comments on here, I feel so heartbroken for ALL of you. I am so glad I will never know what its like to stoop the amazingly high level of ignorance ALL of you, (the racist comments AND the creators of this site) have. I hope all of you do the right thing and get sterilized. WOW.

  11. Leave it up to a Nigger for comments like that

  12. Niggers are thick slaves. Always have been always will be. Monkeys niggers then WHITES that’s the order humanity sustains.

    • It’s hilarious how these godless Edomites have been reduced from having plantations, whips and chains, deeds of ownership, separate eating and drinking places and separate school to only having words like “*knuckled-dragging* & “*nigger*” in hopes of *trying* to offend us and haven’t even realized we’re the generation that ain’t barring that, ROTFLM(*nigger*)AO! That fall when coupled with the knowledge that we know the truth about recessive gene & their weak, Pheomelanin (pink & yellow based melanin ) skin, their easiliy compromised immunosystems and their large (clunky) unevolved brains (they use to assert that the larger the brain the more powerful it is and have now learned that the microchip is more representative of it i.e. evolution has made it smaller and better) is just all too much for them. All anyone needs is Ultraviolet Light to reduce them to puddles of melanomic pus (

      **Sickle Cell VS Melanoma for Dummies** … “Thank God for the Sickle Cell,” before the knowledge of the truth was revealed by the generationally enlightened scientist Yakub 7 Ali (before his ascension) and, passed their ignorant and racially slighted Western understanding, white learned that if it hadn’t been for the cell structure changing shape into that blessed Sickle to once again be able to fit through the ventricles, because Malaria was wiping out population of the continent of Africa – particularly in West Africa where the majority of the so called slaves came from, we wouldn’t be here in America with them today.

      Good luck w/SPF, devil.

  13. Being a nigger is an excuse for poor hygiene you can hide it. That’s why you ALL stink.


  15. Are you kidding me? I’m so sorry that your ancestors, along with mine, hers and his, have had atrocities done to them. It’s time to slip on the big boy panties and be responsible. Whitey didn’t force blacks to destroy by paint, fire, throwing trash in the street, etc. the city of Philadelphia. You don’t have an excuse. Fold your outstretched palm back up, stop taking free hand outs and work. As for ALL whites having experienced what these two kids parents experienced, those of us who have lived in the big city, have experienced plenty of black on white violence. There is not a black person alive today who knows anything about being a slave. And to the person who writes this hate filled, “mock em & shock em,” rag of trash, you’re a scumbag. Who would say things like this about anyone’s murdered children? And who would want their own people to do things this monstrous? I do not apologize for anything that your African ancestors did when they sold their own black countrymen into slavery. It was big business then just like selling ppl out, has ALWAYS been big business. You’re s fuckin nut and I don’t want to spend much more time with your hate filled, black kkk site.

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