“Get over it!” .. “You were NEVER a slave!” .. “But only 26% of whites owned slaved.” .. “Nobody owes you ANYTHING!” “We didn’t own slaves.” .. “Your own kind sold you into slavery!” “Blacks weren’t the only slaves.” .. “The Irish were slaves too!” .. “You never picked ANY cotton!” … Denying Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Reparations is White Racial Terrorism & We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves Against White Racial Terrorism


  1. You know, if blacks killing, raping and torturing whites is good in your eyes simply because you are a failed race which can do nothing for yourselves after 100 years of freedom and being handed money by the billions from white tax money and feel like blaming the entire white race for your own failures and things that happened over 100 years ago – then fine. Go right ahead and have your own little pity party, continue with your hate speech and keep killing, raping, torturing and maiming whites because you feel that its your right. I can accept that.

    I'm just happy to note that karma obviously works both ways and thats why blacks have higher Aids percentages, no fathers (family is not big for you guys is it? You weren't hugged enough by daddy and that makes you mad because white people value family? or was it a white girl that wouldn't sleep with you and so you now advocate rape because of your bitterness at the rejection?), poverty on a vast scale… and finally, my FAVOURITE bit of karma for all of the black on white CRIME and vileness which can only be described as malicious because of your own inferiority complexes – the death of MILLIONS of blacks in AFRICA annually! And the BEST part? All of the killing is done by other blacks and through starvation.

    I say cut all western aid to African countries, deport all people of colour from white nations and leave you all to die in your maggot and flea infested African slums that black people routinely create (please also see the mini ones in the US where there are a majority of blacks in an area – all decrepit and disgusting and disease ridden) – hope you have fun. And I don't particularly care how much you hate me because I have a white skin – I know that I'm better than you in any event and THAT is why you hate me so much. Go right ahead, I'm living rent free in your head and you can do nothing about it until you get over yourself and realise that NO ONE owes you a damn thing!

  2. And I see that you happen to be a bunch of damn cowards as well – typical of the black race. Incompetent, ignorant and downright pathetic. You can't even open your comment section because you're afraid that people will be allowed to post things you don't want others to see?

    Cowardly – just like your rapists and murderers that you so happily support.

  3. We would LOVE it if you monkeys started shit with us. You do realize you are completely outnumbered? And your simian-like brains don't have the capability to plan much of anything besides your next trip to KFC and your next muh-dick. You have no chance, none whatsoever. But by all means, bring it.

  4. You can't be serious..

  5. Your lack of educated accusations is incredibly laughable. This generation of black Americans have never been sold into slavery, never picked cotton , and certainly haven't been slaves period. Therefore your argument is null and void. The whites of this generation have never owned slaves, never bought slaves, and never forced anyone against there will to pick cotton. Whites have been slaves but we picked ourselves up and mad our own way in life to be successful. Stop crying and go get a job.

  6. You're right, we owe you. What our great-great-great grandfathers did was wrong. I have money. Have your great-great-great grandfather call me.

  7. give me a fn break. my niece was murdered in a home invasion by 2 black guys, one only 16. As they went thru the house terrorizing the family they kept spewing racist remarks saying how they had a right to do this because 400 yrs ago their ancestors were treated badly. We didnt march in the streets so just why do you think its ok to do it in Travon Martin case?

  8. Lol u fucking stupid niggers will all get whats coming to u. U thought slavery was bad.. U chicken loving shitstained faggots have no idea. Lol y isnt traycoon martin on here? O thats right… Hes a DEAD NIGGER!!

  9. so what are you gonna do? You can't have reparations. We are taking welfare away from you. Section 8 housing assistance will be gone in 5 years. The only way you will be able to get someone else to take care of you is to get thrown in jail, which I admit you are very good at.

  10. George Zimmerman is free. God bless that NIGGER killer!

  11. I can't wait till George Zimmerman kills more young black male niggers!

  12. It was the jews that brought the Africans to America, not white people.
    Whites were slaves before the Africans even got here.

    Go seek your reparations from the jews and please, take your rage out on them.

    Jewsa re not white people.

  13. If you feel like you are owed an apology from whites ill give you one: I am so sorry my ansestors brought your kind here. I will also give you a solution: if you are so butthurt about being here why not set sail back to your homeland? why not take a trip back to africa! Theres a solution! Oh wait. Africa is war stricken, filled with aids, and in poverty. Unlike in america where your kind can take advantage of gov-ment programs for your 10 billion welfare babies. Theres a reason God gave africa such hardship…hes trying to kill your kind off. hows that for divine karma? I think your kind has been given more than enough time to get the fuck over it. While the white man works, youll be hard pressed to find a nigger who can lift a finger.

  14. Really looking forward to the war. When do you plan on getting it started? We'll be ready. The white man never loses, especially not to sub-human savages like you. What are you going to do when you run out of bullets? Got a lot of chemistry professors in your army? Can't wait for the big show.

  15. The “never losing” 'white man' has skin that can be completely consumed and destrotyed in a little as 10 minutes by the Ultraviolet Light of the Sun of God.

    Antioch Hades

    Also, SPF

  16. Black,white purple. you're all being guinea pigs for the Government. This is what they want you to do, they want you to fuel an ancient hatred so y'all can kill each other off and it is pathetic. If a black man kills a white man how is he any better then the white man who killed the black man? HE'S NOT BETTER HE IS AN IGNORANT just like his predecessors

  17. fuck you nigger

  18. Fuck the white man ive killed 13 white people in the cahos of a hurricane in new orleans women too. Its our turn. Were gunna bring slavery back but in reverse. Whites will hang from trees, have there views and religon taken and be killed at will. Get ready crackers the wave is coming and you cant stop it.

  19. LMAO ..Blacks are not smart enough to clean their own asses, and they want a war against White America. You want reparations for slavery ? YOU STILL ARE SLAVES OF THE SYSTEM

  20. You haven't killed anyone you stupid speer chucker. Now go eat some bushmeat

  21. Lol my fathers white my mothers black shawnee indian and its so not true that whites out number blacks just in the paper and the statistics says whites population has decreased in the last year by 4 percent and secondly I see more whites THAT are crack heads they are actually the dope mans best customer secondly whites are rapist white people are sick ones its people like you who hold women for hostage and rape them continuously umm news flash didnt hear about the crackers who held those cracker women hostage for over twelve years thats white on white crime your no better then anyone else there are black people out here with phds and degrees while theres whites who just sit around smoking dope and mushrooms and bathsalt thats something a cracker invented so think befor you open your mouth because those monkeys you talking about may over turn your race one day you better hope you dont become there slave one day


    Wassssupp Mothafuckazzzzzz!

  23. to my fellow whites, visit

  24. I agree that the illegal cumstains should have to pay reparations to the black race. Whites are the most violent race to ever exist and if they don't pay any reparations they are going to continue on their ruthless rampage in pursuit of killing all non-whites like they have been ever since their existence. They need something (reparations) to keep themselves in check.

    In the meantime, I urge all non-whites to destroy all-white neighborhoods by destroying the homes and shooting all the “innocent” whites there. Slit their rednecks wherever you see them. They will also be lynched from trees and mutilated.

    Whites are a dormant cancer that need to be eliminated from the face of this planet before they eliminate us. They have been pillaging, looting, and bombing every place on earth ever since their existence. Over a billion people have been killed by them. Speaks volumes regarding the pedophilic serial killing skin burning race. Fuck white people.

  25. hey news flash you retarded semians if you kill off white people your race will die too. you leeches have lived off the whitemans scraps for years your life depends on the kindness of white people. lol look at south Africa .
    I cant wait to go to war with you “concrete apes”

  26. Holy shit the intelligence level of you fukn idiots is unbelievable fukn yankees lol you guys are in for some shit. I say that light heartedly I love the states its a damn dirty shame its all turned into such a crime ridden unsafe fuk hole. We can all see your in for some seriously hard times to come . As for this nigger shit …. wtf…
    blackfoot soldier. …. fukn goof piece of shit . Who ever makes those meme like images is in for an assfucking from the universe I promise this. this is all such bullshit I bet u the guy that makes the blackfoot soldier bullshit is really a neo nazi or some shit trying to spark more haters into action I say this because americas niggers are the absolute dumbest people on earth . Seriously its shocking just how genuinely retarded you people are lol. Like wtf lol. Ohhh man
    Lock your doors yankees keep your family close civil war and massive unrest is a knockin.

  27. I'm a black Jew and admit that EVERY black I know hates whites. I mean really hates them for their color. That is not racist at all, hating due to a color of skin. We get free food, money, housing and Obama makes sure we get ours, damn straight. Want money, call racism, better job call racism, hell whitey is hella scared of that word and will sacrifice his kids not to be a racist lol. Keep this up brother so we can get ours for free even though our kind did start slavery but we keep that our little secret.

  28. White Americans are in denial about their forefathers' crimes and how they (this generation) do bear responsibility for the continued racial manipulation that refuses economic justice for them.

    Multiplied by 70, they deserve all they have done to others returned unto them.

  29. They hate niggers everywhere on the planet. China is taking Africa away from you apes. Arabs are killing niggers and taking their land in the North. They hate niggers in South America, Indians hate niggers, too. There is no place and no race that doesn't look down on you like the subhumans you are.

    Bring it, nigger! Even Hispanics will join in the slaughter of you apes when the race war starts in the USA!

  30. Keep killing the beast in peoples mind Brother

  31. @ It was the jews that brought the Africans to America, not white people.
    Whites were slaves before the Africans even got here.

    The so called Ashkenazi Jews aren't Jews by DNA. They are birthright thieves, Western imperialists and the Synagoguists of Satan.

  32. @ Christian Counts

    Your perception is clear & your reference hits the nail on the head!

    Yusef Douglas

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