"GOD LEFT THE BLOODY FOOT PRINT ON YO’ FACE, BITCH," Shelby County Black Foot Soldiers! The Divine Racial Karma Visitation & Reparations Protest of TAST Holocaust Denying Devil Allene Durdin!; "Allene & Terrio are chosen vessels of Divine Racial Karma against vile, elderly race criminal," NBFSN DRK translator Hallowed Yclept

Shelby County Black Foot Soldiers have reportedly released a statement concerning the April 15th apparent Allene Durdin reparations protest turned Divine Racial Karma (DRK) visitation.

While white media sources assert alleged protesters Terrio Pope and Ramon Huntly committed a home invasion and, then, beat Durdin for no reason,  Tennessee Penitentiary Islam elder Elijah Ahmadinejad says he believes the evidence demonstrates that Pope and Huntly did attempt a peaceful reparations protest that Durdin then turned violent and that, because of her racial obstenence, Divine Racial Karma entered and returned unto her a portion for her ongoing crimes. “For while we can never support violence. Which of us is strong enough to resist the order of Divine Racial Karma?” Ahmadinejad says.

SEE: “Get over it!” .. “You were NEVER a slave!” .. “But only 26% of whites owned slaved.” .. “Nobody owes you ANYTHING!” “We didn’t own slaves.” .. “Your own kind sold you into slavery!” “Blacks weren’t the only slaves.” .. “The Irish were slaves too!” .. “You never picked ANY cotton!” … Denying Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Reparations is White Racial Terrorism & We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves Against White Racial Terrorism

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