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September 30, 2014

The Mark Boyd Reparations Protest! "This Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) reparations terrorist death is a blessing for the safety of our people. He thought he could go his whole life spreading his message of TAST Holocaust denial until the the sacrifice of Divine Race Karma reparations activists Deshavonte Kemp & Carlos Jacob Engle. Fuck racial terrorist Mark Boyd & his bicycle." Fayetteville Black Foot Soldiers

Cumberland County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement condemning the portrayal of generational reparations terrorist Mark Boyd as a ‘non political, carefree cross-county cyclist.

An Islip man who was planning a cross-country bicycle ride was shot to death by a man and an accomplice in North Carolina last week, racist Fayetteville police regime terrorists say.

Soldiers, however, disparage white media and the police regime’s portrayal of Boyd and assert that his cycling travels  were missions to spread white America’s generational Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) only true Holocaust presentations and promote the national white regime’s TAST reparations denial propaganda across America. “The sacrifice of brothers Carlos Jacob Engle and Deshavonte Kemp is tremendous. Attempting to bring this reparations terrorist into accountability for his violent, white supremacist behavior required a level of courage that is only witnessed in young men who aspire to do the will of God. Make no mistakes about it. Boyd’s public displays were assaultive mockery of our people’s continued pain. It is a great contribution to the right side of history Mark Boyd’s anti black campaign is ended.”

– Cumberland County Black Foot Soldiers


September 30, 2014

(BREAKING) OFF WIT’ HER HEAD! The Divine Racial Karma Beheading of Reparations Offender Colleen Hufford; "We live in the time of judgment. So we can expect an infultration of the long-awaited “spirits” of karma and the universal laws to swing into full effect.” – contributer TruthRevealed reciting Sirach 39:28-31 28 says: “There be spirits creat-ed for vengeance, which in their fury lay on sore strokes…"

NETWORK STATEMENT: “The NBFSN can not control the wrath Universal Divine Racial Karma is unleashing against the white man due to his unrestituted for generational racial atrocities he has committed & commits against the earth’s people of color. Their atrocities are solely responsible for Her wrath & not a jot or tittle of what he has done to others multiplied by seventy shall he escape until it is retuned unto him the universe says” says Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis, interpreted by translator Hallowed Yclept

“The white man has broken each of the Universe’s Divine Laws, grossly violated the human rights of all the non-white citizens of the earth and without regard plundered the earth herself in selfish exploitation of her resources. As such, we must welcome this: the emergence of the universal age of the white man’s karmic retribution,” says NBFSN Divine Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept. “We know now that when any atrocity befalls anywhite person at the hands of any person of color it is in accordance with the edict and bounty the universe has issued against them for their Universal Law violations, failure to make restitution for their racial crimes and crimes against the planet.” (Source)

“We live in the time of judgment. So we can expect an infultration of the long-awaited “spirits” of karma and the universal laws to swing into full effect.” – UPJ NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR, TRUTHREVEALED reciting Sirach 39:28-31 28 says: “There be spirits creat-ed for vengeance, which in their fury lay on sore strokes; in the time of destruction they pour out their force, and appease the wrath of him that made them. 29 Fire, and hail, and famine, and death, all these were created for vengeance; 30 Teeth of wild beasts, and scorpions, serpents, and the sword punishing the wicked to destruction. 31 They shall rejoice in his commandment, and they shall be ready upon earth, when need is; and when their time is come, they shall not transgress his word.”

September 29, 2014

The Universe’s Baseball Bat, Race Karma, Beverly Hope Melton & Nickolas Miller: "White America is in denial about the karma it is due & the reparations it owes," South Carolina Black Foot Soldier Saxe Joiner

(BREAKING) South Carolina Black Foot Soldiers from around the state are joining in the condemnation of reparations offender Beverly Hope Melton, in rebuking white denial of the racial karma ‘their conscienceless race’ is due and in condemnation of the state’s near three million white citizens for their continued racist denial of Trans Atlantic slave trade reparations.

“Slain SC woman was ‘loved by everybody’ stunned friends, family say,” a headline reads. But, according to Chesterfield County Black Foot Soldier Hampton McKenny Melton wasn’t not only not loved by everybody, but she was not loved by those it’s most important to be loved by: God, Karma and her (black) neighbors. 

“That these filthy creatures who call themselves humans that are white could and do think they are above the universal laws of nature, God and karma bespeaks the psychological sickness that is now inherent in them because of their unwillingness to change.

“Generation, after generation, after generation after generation of their kind have had opportunity to change and abandon the morally degenerate thinking of their conscienceless forefathers,” McKenny says.

 “Yet, with their denials that restitution is owed for their racially terroristic atrocities against blacks and other members of those within the family of the people of color, every generation of these hypocrites has embraced their forefathers’ racism.”

“Beverly was a Holocaust denier and a reparations offender who denied restitution is owed too. Those who live off their fore-bearers’ crimes yet tell the victims who are the descendants of their forefathers’ crimes they are owed nothing and to get over it are the worst kind of hypocrites on the planet.

After allegedly being kidnapped, rapped and beaten to death with a baseball bat, Melton’s body was found in a field near the Mount Pisgah area of Kershaw County.

“The wrath of our ancestors, whose justice continues to be denied, is released, our God says. The hunger of spiritual & sincere young, black men like Nickolas Miller who aspire to do the will of God is great. The kidnapping, rape & baseball bat beating your forefathers purchased for her, white America.

“Your continued denial of restitution sealed her fate. Not only according to God did she deserve it, her blood is on your hands. The white race has broken all of the Universe’s Divine Laws & will be held accountable for this,” South Carolina Penitentiary Islam elder Denmark Vesey is quoted as saying.

September 29, 2014

(BREAKING) Fuck Jason, Heather, Aaron Bradley & you! The massacre wasn’t Wichita, it was the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade; NBFSN honors black on white (BOW) reparations protester Johnathon Carr sacrifice!

September 28, 2014

National CELEBRATIONS: Racist Ferguson Police Regime Terrorist Reportedly Shot In Arm! St. Louis County Black Foot Soldiers REJECT Regimist Thomas Jackson apology to Brown family: FUCK YOU!


September 27, 2014

"Don’t yall knw why the Eastern part of the world hates Amerika? Everything God says don’t do Amerika does," brother Jah’Keem Yisrael (Alton Nolen) "She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames. She & anybody who’s with her." … "We can only praise God for brother Yisrael’s statement’s of truth," NBFSN

September 27, 2014

(RELIVE) THE ROBERT BARBER REPARATIONS PROTEST; Charlotte & Rock Hill Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Behavior Of Vile Reparations Offender Believed To Have Turned Peaceful Protest Violent, Demand Hero Chauncey Sterling Released; "I hope you can ask your god for forgiveness," wife of reparations offender Robert Barber (Debbie) says. "Fuck you, Rob & your vain god," Meckleberg County Black Foot Soldiers condemn; "We are relieved Robert can no longer assault members of our community with racially terroristic & brutally violent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denial. Get over it, bitch."


September 24, 2014

Relive the Channon Christian Reparations Protest! "There are no innocent whites," Divine Racial Karma says; (FEATURING) The Unrestituted for Laura Nelson Lynching & the Universe’s Divine Racial Karma for Channon Christian! "Her body was stuffed in a trash can because that’s what Divine Racial Karma said she was & Divine Race Karma hates all whites," says Tennessee Penitentiary elder Elijah Ahmadinejad

“Channon Christian’s body was placed in a garbage can because according to Divine Racial Karma, that’s what she was. Christopher’s racist body left by the railroad tracks because, according to Divine Racial Karma, that’s where he deserved to be,” says Tennessee Penitentiary elder Elijah Ahmadinejad, a former Brushy Mountain prisoner who, is now incarcerated in the Morgan County facility. 

“Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are the kind of whites divine universal race karma hates the most,”Knoxville Black Foot Soldier Thomas Searcey is quoted as saying at a reported roaming gathering Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers assembled at  in several places across the city to let the city’s whites know that they support and stand by the Knox5 (Lemaricus, Letalvis, George, Eric and Vanessa) in the daring reparations protest in which the two generational race criminal Christian and Newsom died as a result of the noted racial karma.

According to white news sources, Channon Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee who  were raped, tortured and murdered after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers, however, allege the evidence from the case suggests Channon and Christopher did have prior encounters with their alleged ‘carjackers’.  Many in the GhettoBraggingRights community believe the evidence proves a police cover-up  and that Channon and Christopher were buying drugs and violent black on white thug sex from black males in Knoxville.

“Channon Christian and Christian Newsom were reparations offenders and hypocrites. Today we tell all of the county’s near seven hundred and ninety thousands whites that by way of your refusal to make restitution for the racial atrocities of your forefathers and your current support of the racially bias system they designed, Divine Racial Karma want you to know that Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are you too!

“Yes, Channon’s body deserved to be in a trash can because that’s what the universe sees the devil’s hypocrisy as!“Yes Chris’ body deserved to be burning and abandoned at the railroad tracks because race karma says that’s what your kind has done to ours and not made restitution for!

“The only addendum we can add today is neither of these devils’ stinking corpses should have been placed in the sanctity of Mother Earth. Channon should have been left in the trash can at the house right here on Chipman street and Chris’ body should still be there at those railroad tracks to remind all these filthy, deluded, psychotic and sefl justifying devils that the universe hates you and that the age of your racial karma’s return has just begun.”