"If they don’t convict Racist Ferguson Police Regime Terrorist Darren Wilson, SHUT WHITE AMERICA DOWN:: NO WORK, NO SCHOOL, NO SHOPPING, NO LOVE & NO UNDERSTANDING; Take it to the streets!" Hashtags: #ShouldWhiteLifeMatterEither, #WhiteAmericaIsRaceCriminal, #ReturnUntoWhitesAllTheyHaveDoneToUsDoubled?

(Concerning the Grand Jury Decision on Michael Brown) “We cannot fight the same way. They called us ‘niggers’ but they haven’t seen us act like like that yet. They haven’t seen us go into their stores and secretly make their goods & merchandise worthless. They haven’t seen us ‘turn the other cheek’ when instead of ‘peace’ it means war and smile in their faces while we secretly tear their country to motherfucking shreds!” …. “Oh how would we hate to show them the socially deviant behavior of the niggers they call us.” – NBFSN

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