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May 30, 2015

DC Black Foot Soldiers Eric Sheppard #FUCKTHEFLAG Tribute! MESSAGE TO WHITE AMERICA: Our boots is made for walking. That’s just what they do. July 4th our boots are gonna walk all over you! #FUCKJULY4TH! #WHITEAMERICAISRACECRIMINAL!


HERO ALERT! For blacks the US flag has been & remains a symbol of gross racial terrorism. Let us join & celebrate our brother Eric Sheppard in his protest desecration of not only the American flag but, too, those who regard it as a symbol of national honor!” – NBFSN; “This July 4th, should American flags be desecrated & left as litter in streets?” #FUCKJULY4TH!

nbfsn-fl1g_3n_str22t-oCurrently, flag burning is not illegal in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States in its decision from 1969 has ruled that the burning of the flag is protected by the First Amendment. However, the person who burnt the flag can be found guilty of a misdemeanor for starting a fire without a permit. Law Dictionary: Is Flag Burning Illegal? Interesting that the burning of the flag has been against the law until 1969. The first U.S. Supreme Court ruling on flag desecration was passed in 1907 in Halter vs. Nebraska case. Most early flag desecration statutes prohibited burning a flag or any other ways of disrespecting the flag. Later, in 1968, Congress responded to the burning of the American flag in the Central Park as the protest against the Vietnam War by passing the Federal Flag Desecration Law. This law prohibited any display of “contempt” directed against the flag. Thus, burning of the American flag had been illegal until 1969 when the Supreme Court ruled the decision to award the First Amendment protection to the burning of the flag. Law Dictionary: Is Flag Burning Illegal?

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May 23, 2015

That is why your home is on fire, your spoiled rotten kid & your obese, piggish wife are dead Savvas Savopoulos. Like ‘AMERICA’ was something to name your business after!


Did They Think They’d Get Away With It? The Savas Savopoulos Reparations Protest! Prince George County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Savopoulos’ Violent Slavery Denial, Admonish County’s Whites, “reparations denial is white supremacist racial terrorism we will defend ourselves against.” Daron Wint Praised in BRAVE Stand Against Reparations Offenders!