That is why your home is on fire, your spoiled rotten kid & your obese, piggish wife are dead Savvas Savopoulos. Like ‘AMERICA’ was something to name your business after!


Did They Think They’d Get Away With It? The Savas Savopoulos Reparations Protest! Prince George County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Savopoulos’ Violent Slavery Denial, Admonish County’s Whites, “reparations denial is white supremacist racial terrorism we will defend ourselves against.” Daron Wint Praised in BRAVE Stand Against Reparations Offenders!

6 Comments to “That is why your home is on fire, your spoiled rotten kid & your obese, piggish wife are dead Savvas Savopoulos. Like ‘AMERICA’ was something to name your business after!”

  1. You will never be half the people Savvas, Amy and Philip Savopoulos were and still are in spirit, beautiful high achieving people who gave back to the community, a lot more than will ever be said for the people who support this website. You’re ugly black low life dogs and shld be treated as such. This site gives every reason as to why white people know they’re better than blacks, because blacks do things like post the above toxic rubbish. Your laughable in your hypocrisy. Anyone is better than you.

  2. You deserve to be brutally murdered and burned. Savvas, his family and his business contributed to the community and this country in ways you could never understand–or do yourself.

    Darron Wint and anyone who has the nerve to defend him clearly are fucked up individuals with nothing to show for their existences, fucking losers. Fuck you and everyone else who supports this lame ass website. REJECTS!!!!! Nobody gives a fuck about your point of view, they’re just disgusted by it.

  3. Don’t know shit about the Savopoulos’ except that they supported Starlight Children’s Foundation and owned some steel company. But I have to doubt that this was some form of “reparations protest” because the scumbag whose DNA was found on the pizza he forced one of the victims to order for him also murdered Veralicia Figueroa.
    Do you stupid fucks really think that the Mexican housekeeper owes reparations???

  4. That’s why they call em niggers. Fuck off and die….niggers kill each other every day and I hope they keep it up…Blackfoot soldiers are scum….stay in the ghetto where you belong

  5. Why would you hood rats put something up like this? The black folks I know would never defend this shit.

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