“White so called “police” are state commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as repre-sentatives of the law. If you feel threatened by racial terrorism from being pursued by a white “police officer” you have right to defend & protect yourself & family,” – NBFSN


4 Comments to ““White so called “police” are state commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as repre-sentatives of the law. If you feel threatened by racial terrorism from being pursued by a white “police officer” you have right to defend & protect yourself & family,” – NBFSN”

  1. Amen. I encourage every and all NBFSN members to protect themselves in any situation where police are involved. It has been repeatedly proven that the best method of defense is to first run and create a pursuit situation, 2ndly to turn on the officer and advance in an aggressive manner while shouting defensive threats, and finally to reach into your back or front waistband. It is ideal to have a toy gun in your waistband, which will provide a higher level of defensive posture without adding excessive weight or threat of accidental self-injury. A functional gun is not necessary in these situations since the NBFS have been granted the gift from Ra of ultraviolet attack rays via their third eye. Please brothers and sisters, these terrorists with badges can be stopped if we can unite with these effective methods and overcome, once and for all, these white devils. Just make sure you don’t get the black ones that are wearing badges and oppressing you. Oh, and also be sure it’s not one of the even more frequent situations where officers are oppressing and shooting whites or other minorities.

  2. Ok, I’ve tried to be reasonable with your insanity, but finding THIS WEBSITE is pushing it too far. You want to know WHY this is all happening? Great, no problem. I’ll lay it all out for you. You won’t WANT to hear this, but I believe you NEED to.

    1. First, big issue here, whites owe you NOTHING over slavery in the past. Whites did NOT sail to Africa, find you and load you all up to drag you to America for sale. No, no, no, and no. Your OWN PEOPLE did that to you. Claim anything you want, historical FACT shows you are nothing more than liars wanting a free paycheck.
    2. Black lives matter? Yep, they do. THUG LIVES DON’T MATTER. They don’t now and never will for as long as your culture insists on being violent, criminal and individualistic. You have all but removed yourselves from society by being thugs and gangsters. I’ve heard your speeches and rallies (nearly complete lies, by the way) that there are no education opportunities for blacks, whites control everything, etc. The truth is most of you are LAZY. The opportunities are there for you, same as they are for the rest of us. You want what you don’t have, which is natural. You also want it for free, which is not natural or even intelligent.
    3. I have MANY black friends (translated for you that means more than 20) They are some of the finest, hard working people I have ever known and they raise their families to be respectful of others, even those who are NOT black. THEIR lives matter. Yours don’t. You have openly declared on THIS WEB PAGE under CATEGORIES, “KillAllWhitePeople”, on the top of this page is a photo of a black man facing off against a white officer with the words, “TRY ME BITCH” Well, please keep that up. We have already started trying you, and you have lost EVERY SINGLE TIME. You will continue to lose, EVERY SINGLE TIME. You might win a small battle, sure. But every war on this has ended with your side on the ground. People should know when they have been defeated but silly me, I forgot! There are no education opportunities for blacks in America! So the problem is actually that you’re stupid and were never taught how to be an adult in a civilized country? Got it.
    4. We would welcome you among us, embrace you even, if you would only put down your attitudes and become one with American society. But you insist on being “African-Americans”, when only being an American would do the job. Whites don’t hate you because of your skin color, but we also won’t let you get away with being thugs, criminals or looters and since those seem to be your most favorite things…this cycle will go on because YOU make it go on.
    5. And finally, because you make the cycle go on, things won’t change. You will continue to behave as you do and police officers will continue to kill you for it. White officers, Black officers, Asian officers, Middle Eastern Officers, ALL will kill you for being violent criminals. You deserve it when you behave as a violent criminal. For myself, I’m a trained martial artist. I can kill with my bare hands and if you decide to bring your message of violence and hate to MY neighborhood, I will GLADLY join the police in killing you too.

    “Let there be light!” – Genesis

  3. Careful, monkey, or I’ll cut off your welfare check and you’ll starve to death just like EVERY african ape without White charity.

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