Racist Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Regime Terrorist David Michel Jr. GOOD & DEAD! 19 year old Jerman Neveaux hailed “HERO” by Jefferson Parish Black Foot Soldiers


Nineteen year old Jerman Neveaux was resisting an illegal body search attempted to be conducted by racist Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s regime terrorist, deputy David Michel Jr. when Neveaux “immediately  flipped around, went chest to chest” with Michel, reached over Michel’s back and – in self defense – fired  nbfsn-Newell-Normand-aa-text-re-master-HEADERa shot into the clavicle area of the devil, sources report. While they both both fell, the state commissioned racial terrorist (Michel) landed on his chest. Jefferson Parish Black Foot Soldiers say they wish he had been stomped into the dirt. “We are thankful this state commissioned racial terrorist who masqueraded daily as though he was here to protect and serve the people in our communities no longer has any opportunity to racial profile and racially terrorize our people any more. We are thankful to God, the Universe and Allah that he is dead. Today, our little brother Jerman Neveaux is our hero!” Jefferson Parish Black Foot Soldier Bird Love is quoted as saying. “We will do everything we can to support brother Neveaux. Fuck so called ‘deputy’ David Michel. We can only be relieved and happy he is dead.” “White so called “police” are state commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as repre-sentatives of the law. If you feel threatened by racial terrorism from being pursued by a white “police officer” you have right to defend & protect yourself & family,” – NBFSN   “Oh, how we would hate to see racially terroristic white police regime members targeted in fake 911 calls & shot from behind in preemptive strikes to protect our people.” – NBFSN Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis

One Comment to “Racist Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Regime Terrorist David Michel Jr. GOOD & DEAD! 19 year old Jerman Neveaux hailed “HERO” by Jefferson Parish Black Foot Soldiers”

  1. So you don’t advocate hatred but, you advocate the ambushing if cops from behind when they answer fake 911 calls.
    You will now be targeted by a real group of foot soldiers that don’t carry badges or wear body cameras. The only trace we leave is racists of any color laying where the bodies fall. Get out of NOLA before we find you and end you all.

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