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August 28, 2018

“Our children, mothers, fathers & brothers & sisters no longer feel safe around whites commissioned by local & state governments to have badges & guns & who are called ‘police’. To us, they are racial terrorists whose presence & orders threaten our lives. We request an immediate recognition of our fears by the United States government as we can no longer safely adhere to their instructions. WE NO LONGER TRUST THEM. If not, for our saftey, we must take our & our family’s safety into our own hands & embrace George Bush Jr’s ideology of PREEMPTIVITY against them for our safety.” – NBFSN


August 22, 2018

Body of vile generational reparations offender Mollie Tibbetts found in Iowa cornfield. “We are thankful she can no longer racially terrorize our people with reparations denial & our Mexican brothers & sisters with this country’s racist immigration policies” – NBFSN

August 18, 2018

Racist Baltimore Police Regime Racial Terrorist H.R. Persuhn’s TERRORIZES black shopper John Holt in department store: “GIVE ME YOUR ID , I THINK YOU HAVE A WARRANT.” WTHF? Fire that white devil! #whitepoliceRracialterrorists! #fuckPersuhn!