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43 Comments to “About”

  1. hmm you niggers are retarded.

  2. WOW. WHo is the racist. This brotha is dun wit ya’ll

  3. he more than retarded evil is more like his forefather is satan.. it look like they all where racist… ad for blackfoots soldier you are disgrace to human race. just giving time ad the karma will come soon.. so lamaricus davidson ad rest of your thugs trash will soon meet your judgement that you call run from .. so enjoyed your 4×8 cell you now living in .. the white foots soldier ..

  4. Fucking ignorant monkees… teddy rushing was a fellow soldier and more of a man than any of you could fucking dream to be. Go get a fucking job and stop blaming others for your pathetic lives!

  5. haha soldiers… for some so called “soldiers” you guys fucking bitch and whine more than a 10 year old girl. You are all a bunch of fucking pussies… teaching tolerance hah…

  6. Hate only brings hate. You are no better than those you criticize “blackfootsoldier”.

  7. This is so ridiculous. While I don’t deny racial profiling existing, it is so absurd to pinpoint it to a certain group of people as a stereotype. Doing that is only fighting racism with racism, and the group is due target is, for the most part, innocent of it.

  8. Ghnn vghj you’re a faggot cracker

  9. I’m not a racist by any means but someone needs to off you. Not because you’re black but because you’re a dangerous moron.

  10. Channon, was one of my best friends. I live in Knoxville, what they did to her and Chris was horrid. I followed the whole trial. This is sick and ignorance at it height, you fucking NIGGER’S are savant’s! YES YOU, IF YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO YOU HAVE NOT MISREAD, I SAID THE BIG, BAD, NIGGER, WORD! There is a difference between Nigger’s and black Men and Women! I’m so sick of hearing about this slave bullshit, get the fuck over it. I’m Native American Cherokee, WE WERE HERE BEFORE ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, You don’t hear us bitching about being driven from our land, walking the trail of tears, or having smallpox’s kill half our race! Half you idiots bitching about slavery, don’t have a clue about what you’re speaking of or you own heritage! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to thank moronic, uneducated, people, like you for our GREAT PRESIDENT, trying to take away our rights! How you liking the not recieving our checks on the first and not having food stamps to sale for crack because of the damn government shut down?!

  11. Those who prescribe to this ideology have been deceived by Satan himself. May God make his presence known to you before your next murder. You’ve made your own prison in your mind.

  12. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. Have a little respect for the families of these victims. You need some serious help. Even if you are making a joke out of this, it is still disturbing.

  13. Because of this article… I became a racist on u fucking niggers get over your pathetic shit hole selves

  14. It says “The Black Foot Soldiers Does Not Advocate Black On White Violence Or Hatred”. Yeah, right. All I’ve seen here is black hatred of whites and praising violence on whites. The comments regarding the innocent victim Colton Gleason are vile, hateful and the worst kind of racism I’ve ever witnessed. People like you will surely bring about your own violent deaths and burn in hell.

  15. This is the most disgusting website. I have ever seen!! The fact that you glorify the rape and murder of a young girl, white or black is horrible. Have no fear, this website has bought you a one way ticket to hell!! PS come try and get some reparations from me motherfucker!!!


  17. Stupid RACIST sick Muslim Turds


  19. Brotha, you crazy as shit!!!! lol. But do what you feel is right. Its America after all.

  20. Geez, what a raving douchebag you are. You need to be put in the ground.

  21. nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger all niggers must hang all fucking niggers must die all niggers must be lynched

  22. Personally I got a ragging stiffy when I paseds a piece of hot lead through the skull of a Muslim. I always kept a Quran in my drag bag and spit on the unholy book after every kill. It just made me feel better I guess that I was ridding this planet of the vile disgusting group that preaches hate and intolerance. As for blacks in America, I have never meet one who was not more racist than any white I have ever known. I suppose we should blame our fore fathers for not leasing the monkeys as opposed to buying them outright. Hinsight…. we should have just picked our own damn cotton.

  23. This is disgusting and disturbing but writer I challenge you to give me your location and I will come to you alone and we can see if you can gain a victory for your section of your sick and diluted race.

  24. You fucking idiot. Stupid fucks like you are the reason young black men in America are shot first and asked questions when they’re dead you stupid piece of fucking shit. I’m surprised you can even spell, you dumb fuck.

    Guess what? Black people have the bottom hand in America and your stupid fucking ignorance is the reasons foreigners can come into this country em masse – and from far less advantaged regions than your privileged ass is from.

    What the fuck do you deserve reparations for? And who the fuck is gonna pay it? Yea, some of my ancestors OWNED SLAVES. And you know what else? Some of my ancestors WERE SLAVES. It’s called America you dumb fuck – where you can be anything you set your mind to. That’s your reparation. America lost a president so your parents can share the same freedoms as everyone else. You shit all over people like MLK and Malcolm X. You’re a disgrace to black Americans everywhere. You’re a disgrace to black people everywhere.

    What the fuck are YOU gonna do with your reparation anyway? Buy some rims and a stupid ass car? Maybe roll up a whole bunch of good good? Besides, you’re probably dead or in prison now anyway. Dumb fuck. Stop looking for your solutions 150 years in the past. Reparations???? You’re a lazy fucking moron too stupid to do anything to help yourself in life. Of course you would ask white people for reparations. Just because you have a little dick that measures longer in length than your IQ does in capacity. Man I’d fuck your punk ass up bitch. With a hole in your bitch ass dome piece you ho ass bitch-made punk

  25. All you racist fucking bullies sound exactly like the old slave masters, a lot of “god” and “satan”, religious bullshit and racist slurs.
    You are fucking disgusting.
    There is no pride in being white. Know your fucking history. Check your fucking privilege.

  26. Niggers are disgusting filthy dirty subhuman. Animals are a higher class than a filthy dirty nigger. Niggers deserve what they get.

  27. Watch this.

    Then look up the trans Saharan slave trade. Then look up Irish slaves valued less than African slaves. Then look up the dark ages. Your hatred of whites and the justification of hoodlums raping and murdering whites is nonsensical to the highest degree. So in other words I should advocate killing blacks due to the fact they kill other blacks at an alarming rate? Or how about I advocate killing the Chinese for their enslavement of the Vietnamese? No. You simply want someone to blame for African Americans ineptitude. And btw the white middle class is not to blame. Rothschild Zionists and the ruling elite are. You’re horrifically misinformed and undereducated.

  28. news24. com/Africa/News/Niger-signs-up-to-end-slavery-20150605

    Unfortunately it was the so called devil’s countries to initiate the banning of slavery.

  29. fact: slavery still exists in Africa. Instead of reparations you can have repatriation.

  30. Why do all these Niggers keep begging to suck my white cock . Why do all you niggers want to gobble my beautiful cock and swallow my cum. Black mans like I don’t care if your bi WHAT there aint no faggot round here. Then he wants to suck my cock. Fuc no niggers you can not suck my cock. I would never even fuck a nigger she boon why would I let a filthy stinking greasy nigger pavement suck my cock. So all you thug niggers quit begging to suck the white mans dick.

  31. For all u racist fucks there’s no perfect race nor better than the other but there are many colors of ignorance also a lot of whites inbreeding u just have to know somewhere in the tree the limbs crossed…. “Reall Wood” Yea over half you white fucks talking that nigger shit are button pushing bitches and wouldn’t have the nuts to speak or even look in the direction of a black or mexican man.. Pussys ..I’m glad I didn’t get those bitchified trates from my Anglo father.. Judge no man of color but of his wisdom… For my boy Lil Dro G. Love you forever homie. Boy I’ll be here at the house waiting…..
    In Memory of..
    Officer Jenkens
    CapCity. 512. ATX

  32. Freedom is a powerful thing. You get to say what you want. You get to print what you want. To an extent you can be what you want and do what you want, but read these words over and over until you understand the gravity of what I am telling you, the purveyors of the content of this site: If something ever happens to any loved one of mine and I find your repulsive lies and hurtful text on your site associated with their situation, I will not rest until you and your loved ones share the pain. I have the tech skills, I have the resources, and I have nothing to live for. This is not a threat, it’s a promise. Have a great weekend.

  33. Give it up to God. Let Him sort it out. Read your bible (KJV) and do something tangible and productive to take care of yourself and your family. Be a servant of Jesus Christ and spread the gospel of God. Or just be a waste like most.

  34. What an ignorant fucking nigger you are!!! I never owned slaves and you never picked cotton. Now go get a job and pay your baby mamas so they can buy their future crack dealers some diapers, ya fucking douchebag!!!

  35. I am horrified by all the racist comments here. Whites haven’t learned anything. I am a white girl who totally, unquestioningly, accepts Black Supremacy and the absolute entitlement of all Blacks to reparations for the generations of racism They have endured. To the extent that I believe my own proper place is as a slave without rights, owned by Blacks. I am glad I have found this website. More strength and power to the Black gods and goddesses in this world! I would be pleased to know how a mere white girl may serve. (And yes, this is a genuine post!)

  36. Alice–you are total white trash.You can serve the white race by jumping off a tall building!!! Black Supremacy? Absolute entitlement? You need help.

  37. Fucking baboons.


  39. You fucking stupid ass niggers….you are what is wrong with this country…..I have many African American friends…none of which are as or not even close to how fucking stupid you are…..I hope you all die from AIDS seeing as how you are the ones that started the spread of it…..fuck off.

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