The National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is a network that now has Soldiers in nearly every state in Amerikka.  The NBFSN is a non religious specific, ideological movement that embraces all non-religious specific strategies of all black, Nubian & Nuwaubian strategies that involve the liberation, independence and reparations of our people.  Visit our main site and join the National Black Foot Soldier Network.

NBFSN soldiers are Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Jewish, Yakub Muslim and other faiths.

Explanations for such NBFSN tenets as : White Cops R Racial Terrorists and All Whites R Reparations Offendersare available on the Networks main site. Explanations for how to conduct Street Penitentiary Protests (SPP) when (white) racist State commissioned police regime terrorists like Norfolk’s Victor Decker Newark’s Michael Morgan & Taylor’s Matthew Edwards die in terrific accidents or by brothers who have to defend themselves against White Police Terror (WPT) is available as premium content.  This site is a support site published with the Network’s permission.

Aarron Malik Gershwin (editor)

Yusef Douglas (publisher)

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    • blacks call whites racist after reading this page you are a barbaric evil people that support these monster all lives matter only way to stop a race war is to quit living in the past my people where ran off their lands killed by the white man but the past is the past im also half irish and we where sold into slavery beaten abused and scum of the earth get over it pull your pants up grow up grow a pair move on the past is the past leave it their quit promoting violence on others wheres my reperations for my great great great grand father being murdered for the land he wouldn’t leave in the 1800’s his family raped murdered but you know what its history a dark history i for one want to make a better history for all our children to look back on

    • This entire site is reference to everything that is wrong with black people as a whole.

    • I’ve said it before, the leaders in Africa who loaded your sorry asses on a boat and traded you for sugar sure knew what they were doing.

    • @ghnn vghj on: 👉 Says the pink pinkpanzee European cave Ape!

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  4. Fucking ignorant monkees… teddy rushing was a fellow soldier and more of a man than any of you could fucking dream to be. Go get a fucking job and stop blaming others for your pathetic lives!

  5. haha soldiers… for some so called “soldiers” you guys fucking bitch and whine more than a 10 year old girl. You are all a bunch of fucking pussies… teaching tolerance hah…

  6. Hate only brings hate. You are no better than those you criticize “blackfootsoldier”.

    • “Devils, before you call us racists or the KKK, give us the chance to enslave & lynch you, dehumanize and subject generations of your children and parents to opportunity limiting racial discrimination. After we do that to you & yours, then call us racist.” – St. Nicolas Thief

  7. This is so ridiculous. While I don’t deny racial profiling existing, it is so absurd to pinpoint it to a certain group of people as a stereotype. Doing that is only fighting racism with racism, and the group is due target is, for the most part, innocent of it.

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  9. I’m not a racist by any means but someone needs to off you. Not because you’re black but because you’re a dangerous moron.

  10. Channon, was one of my best friends. I live in Knoxville, what they did to her and Chris was horrid. I followed the whole trial. This is sick and ignorance at it height, you fucking NIGGER’S are savant’s! YES YOU, IF YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO YOU HAVE NOT MISREAD, I SAID THE BIG, BAD, NIGGER, WORD! There is a difference between Nigger’s and black Men and Women! I’m so sick of hearing about this slave bullshit, get the fuck over it. I’m Native American Cherokee, WE WERE HERE BEFORE ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, You don’t hear us bitching about being driven from our land, walking the trail of tears, or having smallpox’s kill half our race! Half you idiots bitching about slavery, don’t have a clue about what you’re speaking of or you own heritage! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to thank moronic, uneducated, people, like you for our GREAT PRESIDENT, trying to take away our rights! How you liking the not recieving our checks on the first and not having food stamps to sale for crack because of the damn government shut down?!

  11. Those who prescribe to this ideology have been deceived by Satan himself. May God make his presence known to you before your next murder. You’ve made your own prison in your mind.

      • White people’s God is the same as Black people’s God-White people’s satan is the same as your satan, except he has you on speed dial, Satan that is !! God see’s you-he see’s your evil, he loves you anyway, even though it must be very difficult for God he does love you anyway, hopefully one day God will show you the truth, before it is too late for your soul.

      • Reply @Another Girl

        Lol! You are one stupid ass brawd talking about “White people’s God is the same as Black people’s God-White people’s satan is the same as your satan, except he has you on speed dial,” ……. 👉 This statement alone proves that, you are one stupid retarded ass Brawd who is not making any dam sense by what you say from that comment alone.

        👉 From your thinking, You are saying that, there are different Gods for each race like “Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Indians and etc?”…..Lmao!
        Your so called hypocritical White Christains says “There’s only one God and none other”. How come your dumbass statement says the opposite that comes off as some “White supremacy religious Cult” for a retarded statement of yours.
        Stfu and several seats for saying some dumbass shit!

  12. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. Have a little respect for the families of these victims. You need some serious help. Even if you are making a joke out of this, it is still disturbing.

  13. Because of this article… I became a racist on u fucking niggers get over your pathetic shit hole selves

  14. It says “The Black Foot Soldiers Does Not Advocate Black On White Violence Or Hatred”. Yeah, right. All I’ve seen here is black hatred of whites and praising violence on whites. The comments regarding the innocent victim Colton Gleason are vile, hateful and the worst kind of racism I’ve ever witnessed. People like you will surely bring about your own violent deaths and burn in hell.

  15. This is the most disgusting website. I have ever seen!! The fact that you glorify the rape and murder of a young girl, white or black is horrible. Have no fear, this website has bought you a one way ticket to hell!! PS come try and get some reparations from me motherfucker!!!


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  19. Brotha, you crazy as shit!!!! lol. But do what you feel is right. Its America after all.

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  22. Personally I got a ragging stiffy when I paseds a piece of hot lead through the skull of a Muslim. I always kept a Quran in my drag bag and spit on the unholy book after every kill. It just made me feel better I guess that I was ridding this planet of the vile disgusting group that preaches hate and intolerance. As for blacks in America, I have never meet one who was not more racist than any white I have ever known. I suppose we should blame our fore fathers for not leasing the monkeys as opposed to buying them outright. Hinsight…. we should have just picked our own damn cotton.

  23. This is disgusting and disturbing but writer I challenge you to give me your location and I will come to you alone and we can see if you can gain a victory for your section of your sick and diluted race.

  24. You fucking idiot. Stupid fucks like you are the reason young black men in America are shot first and asked questions when they’re dead you stupid piece of fucking shit. I’m surprised you can even spell, you dumb fuck.

    Guess what? Black people have the bottom hand in America and your stupid fucking ignorance is the reasons foreigners can come into this country em masse – and from far less advantaged regions than your privileged ass is from.

    What the fuck do you deserve reparations for? And who the fuck is gonna pay it? Yea, some of my ancestors OWNED SLAVES. And you know what else? Some of my ancestors WERE SLAVES. It’s called America you dumb fuck – where you can be anything you set your mind to. That’s your reparation. America lost a president so your parents can share the same freedoms as everyone else. You shit all over people like MLK and Malcolm X. You’re a disgrace to black Americans everywhere. You’re a disgrace to black people everywhere.

    What the fuck are YOU gonna do with your reparation anyway? Buy some rims and a stupid ass car? Maybe roll up a whole bunch of good good? Besides, you’re probably dead or in prison now anyway. Dumb fuck. Stop looking for your solutions 150 years in the past. Reparations???? You’re a lazy fucking moron too stupid to do anything to help yourself in life. Of course you would ask white people for reparations. Just because you have a little dick that measures longer in length than your IQ does in capacity. Man I’d fuck your punk ass up bitch. With a hole in your bitch ass dome piece you ho ass bitch-made punk

    • You killed Trayvon said,

      Stupid fucks like you are the reason young black men in America are shot first and asked questions

      And what exactly was the reason that it happened before this blog?

    • Reply @You Killed Travon Martin

      (Counter debate)

      #1) You say “some of my ancestors was slaves?”…. Who white folks? Lmao!………

      (Talking about grammar)
      Correction: “were slaves” mind you on your behalf!

      [Answer:] That’s a bald face lie!
      👉 Show some proof or historical facts that “whites were enslaved” here in America with “Iron locked chains around their necks” getting their @sses beat harshly with whips across their backs working on those plantations or sold into slavery for the next white bidder? Don’t bring up that “IRISH WERE SLAVES TOO” bullcrap talk when, they “the Irish folks” were merely indentured servants, not slaves! (I’ll wait)

      #2) You say “You shit all over MLK and Malcolm X?” …….Lmao!

      [Answer] Martin Luther King was killed by James Earl Ray “A WHITE MAN” who plotted his assassination in Memphis,Tenn at a Hotel. James Ray was a confirmed racist and a small time criminal [Google him up]…. I’m very sure one of your own kind have paid James to take out Martin Luther King underhandedly by the CIA “to shut him up”.

      Malcolm X was taken out the same way like Martin Luther King by assasination but, they “CIA” had some black brothers who were paid to take out Malcolm X instead one of their own “White men” unlike James Ray to shut him up also!.. All of this because these two political black brothers was a threat here in white America.

      #3) You say: “Blacks have the bottom hand in America and your stupid fucking ignorance blah blah blah far from less advantage regions than your privileged ass is from” …….. Lmao!

      [Answer] Did you even forget that your evil ass white ancestors have came from EUROPE and committed these “Atrocities and Genocides” among both Native Americans and African slaves” by whiten out the land “America” by colonizing and settling from Europe to America by the white masses when enroute to the new world?…….. That’s why whites are here today as the majority because of your evil white ancestor’s devilish ways against people who were not like you all savages who raped, killed, pillage and enslaved wherever they have set foot on live soil……

      That’s how whites got a very good start by “overpopulating America” from Europe with those savage white culture of your people! It’s “TAKE FROM THE INHABITANTS, KILL THE INHABITANTS and POPULATE” to build an all white culture on a land you all are not native to……. That’s savage and coldhearted of white Europeans. You filths did Africa and Australia the same way.

      The world would be a better place if “WHITES SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN FUCKING EUROPE” from the begining and in the first place by leaving the Aborignals and indigenous people of the world of tribes and cultures alone.

      Take heed from facts above!
      (Debate this and get destroyed)

  25. All you racist fucking bullies sound exactly like the old slave masters, a lot of “god” and “satan”, religious bullshit and racist slurs.
    You are fucking disgusting.
    There is no pride in being white. Know your fucking history. Check your fucking privilege.

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  27. Watch this.

    Then look up the trans Saharan slave trade. Then look up Irish slaves valued less than African slaves. Then look up the dark ages. Your hatred of whites and the justification of hoodlums raping and murdering whites is nonsensical to the highest degree. So in other words I should advocate killing blacks due to the fact they kill other blacks at an alarming rate? Or how about I advocate killing the Chinese for their enslavement of the Vietnamese? No. You simply want someone to blame for African Americans ineptitude. And btw the white middle class is not to blame. Rothschild Zionists and the ruling elite are. You’re horrifically misinformed and undereducated.

  28. news24. com/Africa/News/Niger-signs-up-to-end-slavery-20150605

    Unfortunately it was the so called devil’s countries to initiate the banning of slavery.

  29. fact: slavery still exists in Africa. Instead of reparations you can have repatriation.

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    In Memory of..
    Officer Jenkens
    CapCity. 512. ATX

  32. Freedom is a powerful thing. You get to say what you want. You get to print what you want. To an extent you can be what you want and do what you want, but read these words over and over until you understand the gravity of what I am telling you, the purveyors of the content of this site: If something ever happens to any loved one of mine and I find your repulsive lies and hurtful text on your site associated with their situation, I will not rest until you and your loved ones share the pain. I have the tech skills, I have the resources, and I have nothing to live for. This is not a threat, it’s a promise. Have a great weekend.

  33. Give it up to God. Let Him sort it out. Read your bible (KJV) and do something tangible and productive to take care of yourself and your family. Be a servant of Jesus Christ and spread the gospel of God. Or just be a waste like most.

  34. What an ignorant fucking nigger you are!!! I never owned slaves and you never picked cotton. Now go get a job and pay your baby mamas so they can buy their future crack dealers some diapers, ya fucking douchebag!!!

  35. I am horrified by all the racist comments here. Whites haven’t learned anything. I am a white girl who totally, unquestioningly, accepts Black Supremacy and the absolute entitlement of all Blacks to reparations for the generations of racism They have endured. To the extent that I believe my own proper place is as a slave without rights, owned by Blacks. I am glad I have found this website. More strength and power to the Black gods and goddesses in this world! I would be pleased to know how a mere white girl may serve. (And yes, this is a genuine post!)

  36. Alice–you are total white trash.You can serve the white race by jumping off a tall building!!! Black Supremacy? Absolute entitlement? You need help.

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  40. U wonder why people hate niggers look at the way u act fucking retards keep acting like zoo animals and my lovely white people will keep treating h like the trash smelly scumbags u are

    • U wonder why people hate niggers look at the way u act fucking retards keep acting like zoo animals and my lovely white people will keep treating h like the trash smelly scumbags u are

      And so then why was all that hate for us back in slavery?


      Yusef Douglas

      • Lmao! White people are the closes thing to animals and more like some “Savaging cave dwelling Neanderthal feral wild pigs” and it’s in your filthy people’s DNA, mentality and animal like behavior………….

        (Learn your History filthy Pig)

        The Cave Neanderthal beast savages ways from the minds of whites)…………….

        #1). The killing and the Slaughter of Native Americans on their own darn land who you white filthy Devils have taken. The acts of GENOCIDE:

        You’re white forefathers or cave Neanderthal ancestors came out of f#cking Europe migrating and started colonizing in other indigenous or aboriginals people’s land [Native Americans] for Example, who you all have slaughtered darn near every Native tribe there is in American after they [Native Americans] who have taught your filthy Pig forefathers how to grow crops all awhile giving the Natives blankets that where infested with European diseases full of [Small pox]. Andrew Jackson signed the “Indian removal act of 1830” to get rid of all Native American Tribes to send them to the smallest portion of the reservations and territories [The Trail of tears] Those Indians who rebelled were (A) Killed. (B) Captured and killed. (C) Enslaved.
        This is all done While your white pig forfathers have put forth to take over American and make it a white population (Did you even forget why you and your people are here today) when your filthy Pig sussesors forefathers who have brought their Pig @sses from Europe who have committed this evil act on the Natives who have done nothing to your people including the slavery of blacks?

        That was fkn savage like animals from your white pig ancestors and you calling us blacks animals???? Really! B*tch get real!

        You filthy whites call Arabs and Pakistans TERRORISTS when you all [whites] are the biggest Terrorists of the world by committing GENOCIDE among people of Ethnicity, Groups or nations wherever you all have set foot on since day one from Europe.
        The Lynching of Negro slaves who your Pig forefathers before you eps the whote Amerikk-klans citizens [White devils] have Hunged on trees and burned on the stake in bond fires was the most fkn cruelest thing have done since day one!

        Who are the fcking wild Savage animals commiting these type of Violent acts against us blacks since slavery to Jim Crow’s segregation law???….. And oh boy, you white filthy pigs are the MOST IGNORANT, and the MOST VIOLENT EVILEST SUBHUMANS in the word have ever known [You all are not even humans at all and alot worser than Animals] i must say!

        You all are Devils [The children of Satan] himself and a reflection of him too…… Befits so perfect of white Caucasian Impish nature!


        You all have took animals from their own natural habitats and displaying them in who you all whites called (ZOOS) for exhibition and amusement. (A) That’s why alot of whites you hear getting killed or injured by some of these animals in Zoos. Why you think of reports on Shark Attacks who the surfers are whites and or being stunged almost to death from Stingrays or Jelly fishes. You all will kill animals for mutual purposes but, when other people do it, you all cry foul while pressing charges on those who slaughter animals [Hypocrites]

        Look at all of those natural Earth Gases, minerals, oils and Trees you all have destroyed. That’s why animals go off dying and climate changes because of your people’s savaging nature and ways with your toxic white chemical experimenting [GOT THE NERVES TO TRY BY CLONING BOTH ANIMALS & PEOPLE]……You people are something else, twisted at that!

        Who are the Animals?

        #2) You filthy cave Pig bastards start Wars for no reason.

        You whites have killed innocent Koreans in [Hiroshima and Nagasaki] by dropping Nuclear bombs which killed nearly 200,000 Korean people….. World War 2 history. Your people have killed nearly 6 million Jews, btw [Karzars or
        Ashkenazi] are white Europeans who converted and took or claim the real Hebrews religion by whiten out the inhabitants by being imposters and cunning liars. So in all, Your filthy Pig dwelling people killed your very own caucasian stock of people deom the Germans who where also [6 million white Ashkenazi Europeans] is way farther to the extreme than Black on black crimes totally combines for whites to kill their own Caucasian stock.
        You have the nerves, the gutts and the balls to call us blacks animals????………………………
        Get Real Pig!

        #3). Your people are sick sexual deviants and Perverts to the extreme (Pedophilic loving Child molestors and Predators of preying on children)………………….

        White men are known in world in the News paper media, on the channel Tv News or Tv shows like [Investgation I.D] to be little boy and little girl lovers of white minors and infants alone. Why do you see white male school teachers and Catholic priests who always make the headline News in the media to be known as Sexual predators and offenders on minors and infants????? Lol, even your Pig women are known to have sexual relations with their own students but…….. Let’s not talk about the Animalistic behavior of white women having sex with their own dogs “That’s why you people are animal lovers and keepers of house pets. Sick Bastards!

        You are calling us blacks animals??

        Let alone your underclass redneck bretherns who are also sexual deviants for having [Incestuous relationships with their own fkn family members] or known having sex with farm animals such as Goats. So who are the animals in zoos who are known to mate with their own family or Nature’s Animals???? WHITES!…….

        You all are quite like animals and take on animalistic type behaviors!

        #4) Serial killers and Home Terrorist………..

        You fkn crazy bat sh#t white dudes goes around; SHOOTING UP PUBLIC SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES, THEATERS and MALLS by killing innocent white pigs [your own kind and people] at that………..
        The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, Texas A&M University shooting of 1966 and tons of others.

        Type in the google search “List of school shootings” and you will see mostly from Google links: esp the famous WIKIPEDIA of historical school shootings [ALL OR MOST OF THESE PERPETRATORS WHERE WHITE PIGS] dating back from the early 60s until the 2000s today!

        But, you have the nerves to call us blacks animals? B#tch get real!

        #5). Homosexual white culture from Europe to America!

        It is your white culture who you all that, other races have indulge in this ungodly deviant white sexual nature since day one [Before the discovery of America]. Us Blacks, Native Americans, Aboriginals or Indigenous people of the world weren’t doing this ungodly behavior until you all [White filthy cave pigs] who brought your white @sses in other people land after stealing Aborignals people’s lands that brought whites true devilish nature as Sexual predators, pedophilic loving culture and BEASTALITY and INCESTROUS like behavior from Europe and it’s culture….

        Sick f%ckers like your Pig race calling us blacks animals????? Get real!

        #6). You all are the biggest, rotten, notorious liars, theives and culture vultures; esp [Whitewashing] history by turning a lie into a Truth to cover up your white intensions and expectations from and with GUILT from the blood of your own hands.

        (A) You whites always make up excuses and find excuses while pointing fingers to cover up white guilt after the bloodshed you all have done. [You whites are known to take a nife in the right hand and a lit torch in the left hand and kill a person while placing the nife and torch in the victim’s hand to tell them “It’s your fault” after evil deed done by white hands] This is an example!

        (B) You meddle while being in people’s affairs eps: other countries

        (C) Thieves and culture vultures you are: You all have stolen and committed the most Grand larceny, burglary theft in any law books have named in the history of the world from other cultures by claiming it as your own by [Whitewashing] a white lie with an complete white lie from white delusions of fairy tales…. Here’s a few mentions: (1) Ancient Egypt (2) The Bible (3) American History books.

        You all know d@m well you white pig f#ckers didn’t even exist in Ancient Egypt when those ressesive white dna traits can’t take or live in those hot fkn deserts in the Nile for 1000s years straight without having to catching cancer or having skin diseases from the swelting heat while white skin turning purplish and red markings from heat and exposures deom the sunlight in over a 100 degree hot sunny weather!

        The Bible: You white devil bastards have either (A) Twisted the bible’s words and it characters [Changing the biblical characters from dark skin to white skin: why you have painted Jesus as white with blonde or brown hair with blue or brown eyes with fair skin] themselves to your own liking by lying. (B) or it’s just a fairytale myth to incite, brainwash the mass esp: blacks, to justify slavery and or put people in fear of the unkown. There’s alot more here about white lies and i can go on with the list besides these explained, let alone Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

        Lol! You whites are something else with the art of lies from Lying!

        (Playing the Heroes)
        Masquerading as Saviors of the world…………………….

        That’s what most American school books that’s Teaching Both black and white kids that whites are heroes and highly intelligent race of beings, esp: in history books.

        (A) The Native Americans and the White settlers when they’ve first met [Sat at the dinner table, laugh and ate] turkey while both parties where happy and lived together in harmony and the Natives shared their land to whites]…… Lmao! You filthy Pigs have lies written over it. I really explained that “light came out of the dark” of ypu white Devils ABOVE IN #1) from your Europeans evilish ways and thinking from whites behavior and true intent to conquer while whiten out to have a white nation in a land you all are not native to …….. DON’T FORGET THAT, YOU ALL HAVE TOOK OVER AFRICA by white Industrialing Africa’s economy and nature resources from profits by the all white “French, American, German and British” filthy European Pigs by greed, power and control.

        So enjoy that 500 years of white culture since you all are the youngest race and the last of the invaders in this modern world because, it will not succeed longetivty like the ancient Egyptians Romans, Greeks and China civilizations who went past 1000s of years of reign and culture.

        Your white cultue is destructive as the devil himself and a cancer to the world with your people’s evil white Laws. Most of those white inventions have done nothing but take lives by killing imcluding “Guns, people dying in Cars [Wrecks], planes [Crashing]…..

        Your people are cancerous to the history of the world and a destructive barbaric people the world have every known!

        So Who are the Animals who act like or worser than animals??? WHITES!…………….

        I will challenge any filthy white Devil Pigs in a debate like those filthy white cave Pigs on YouTube comments who i eliminated in a debate by spilling their hatred and racist/prejudices remarks or views who were butthurt! BRING IT!

  41. Brother Slydelic

    What a profound & SPECTACULAR indictment! Case proven! Use of the word “pig” applicable every time used! Unleashed! Greater than a “throwback”… ! A “throwback” & a “go forward” at the same time! A (((MARVELOUS))) discourse! Filling! Cutting! Truths that can’t be distorted, hidden or denied! Thank you for this (((WONDERFUL))) passage & certainly, though it’s early in the 2017, (((COMMENT OF THE YEAR)))!


  43. A nigger is a nigger and always will be. I beat the shit out of them anytime I can. We should just knock this 13% out. We killed the Indians so why not the niggers. And I mean niggers not blacks who pay taxes, keep jobs, and raise their kids. Fucking apes are for zoos.

    • Slydelic,

      It’s hilarious how these godless descendants of cave dwellers have been reduced from having plantations, whips & chains, deeds of ownership to only having words like “nigger” in hopes of trying to offend us when all anyone needs is Ultraviolet Light to reduce them to puddles of melanomic pus.

    • Reply @Jason:

      A Pigger is a Pigger and always will be a filthy cave pig. I eat the shit out of them anytime when i can fry a bacon or making porkchops. We should just knock this 100% out. We killed the whitefolk so why not the piggers “oh they are the same”. And I mean piggers not Swines who cheat on taxes, keep Pig previledge white jobs, and molest their pig kids. Fucking Pigs are for the Pigpen in the wild like wild savaging cave hogs. 🐷 Oink Oink

  44. If I may add a thought, here, Sirs…My former Master and Mistress (who were both Black, obviously) were very clear that all whites are merely animals, lacking the melanin that makes someone fully human. To quote Them, “whites are less than dogs”, and indeed while I was owned by Them, I was considered to be below Their dog in the household hierarchy. My instinct is that this is the correct place for whites, as it felt absolutely right to be so and I felt I had found my proper role in life. This is not to try and debate with You, my superiors, Sirs, but rather to agree with all You are saying about whites.

  45. Can ANYONE tell me why this disgusting site ISN’T labeled a “hate site”? Then promptly shut down?? Last time I checked, threatening bodily harm or death upon American citizens IS A CRIME….

    ‘Reparations’??? Lol,… I’m 25% American Indian and 50% Irish. Does that cancel out my 25% English?? Since my ancestors were SLAVES as well?? My family was too poor to own any slaves. So, I do not owe you one red cent. Were you enslaved? Do you even know IF you have a slave ancestry??? NO YOU DO NOT!
    SO sit the F DOWN. No one owes you, for something you didn’t suffer and they did not participate in…

    • Reply @Crystal Alsbrook:

      You say: “Can ANYONE tell me why this disgusting site ISN’T labeled a “hate site”?

      👉 Answer: For the same reason of hate websites ranned by Racist whites Bloggers on the internet on WordPress? There’s plenty of them and 👉 WHITEGENOCIDE website happens to be one of those race phobic racist websites. I guarantee you if you came across that website, you would agree right along with them spurting out Niggers this and that, Jews this and that, Muslims or Wetbacks this and that.

      👌 Blackfootsoldier has every right to express his “Freedom of Speech and his own opinions” on his website just as much as those racist whites who express their same ideology and views on theirs.

      👉 You say “Last time I checked, threatening bodily harm or death upon American citizens IS A CRIME….

      Answer: There’s nowhere in his article that proves “He’s promoting violence”
      Somebody hasn’t been paying attention here!

      (Irish weren’t slaves)
      👉Bullshit Myth!

      The Irish were indenture servants not slaves “Facts”……. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2016/04/19/how-myth-irish-slaves-became-favorite-meme-racists-online

      That “Irish were slaves too is a Myth” since many of those poor Irish immigrants went to the Americas to work for those wealthy Whites as “Indentured Servants” in the fields and etc…….

      No Irishman or Women were Hunged/lynched in trees nor burned at the stake in bondfires in History. There’s no documentation on that!

    • Crystal,

      “Devils, before you call us racists or the KKK, give us the chance to enslave & lynch you, dehumanize and subject generations of your children and parents to opportunity limiting racial discrimination. After we do that to you & yours, then call us racist.” – St. Nicolas Thief

      Regards & fuck you!

  46. I love your website. Your website is responsible for more and more Caucasians and civilized ethnic groups to support our government, law enforcement, and making America great again. The perverted twist you have put in your articles is only effective to the weak minded, but very effective when teaching others how blacks that embrace Islam are trying to destroy this country with lies, deceit, and evil propaganda. I know this won’t change anything in your idiotic thinking, but I wanted to take this opportunity to brag to you how your site does more to stop your cause than promote it. If the truth be told, you have more Caucasians reading your posts than blacks.

    Thanks for helping us out, it’s mighty white of you. Keep up the good work!

    • Replying to @John D Whiteman

      📝 (Counterdebate and Rebuttals)📄

      🐷 You say: “Your website is responsible for more and more Caucasians and civilized ethnic groups to support our government, law enforcement, and making America great again.”

      👉Answer: Oh Boy! you whites kills me with those weak ass statements that hold no truth nor merits.

      #1). You are just delusional buddy.
      I will bet you %100 that, you will support racist white 🐷 websites such as “Stormfront and WhiteGenocide” in a hearbeat about their opinions, views or idealology about Blacks, Mexicans, Jews or some Middle Eastern folks “You’ll never say what you would have stated on here on your brethrens helluva racist websites” but, allow me to beak it down in a WHITE DUMBY TERM for You….

      😇WHITE PEOPLE’S MINDSET😇 It’s very okay when us whites have our own idealology and views or opinions against or about other minorities such as “Mexicans, Blacks, Arabs and etc” ….Us Good whitefolks can talk about them anyway we can to call them out and we have every right to do that because we white “Good ole white folks as that” and nobody else can. “It’s the white way” or “White is RIGHT.”

      👉 I’d say: That sounds about white to me about white people.

      (Oh but wait)
      When other Minorities have a say about some Good ole white folks……

      👿Minorities👿 If anything that minorities say or express their concerns, views, opinions or idealology about whites…………
      🐷 White folks will call foul play, Play or pull the victim card and IT’S A CRIME AND A DOWNRIGHT UNLAWFULL ACT against Good ole whitefolks because, they are some uprighteous people…They can’t do no wrong!

      👉 I’d say: That sounds White to me if you ask a black person like myself. Sounds Correct!

      (And Also)
      #2) 👉 Wft is this “Caucasians and civilized ethnic groups to support our government, law enforcement, and making America great again.” You people “some good ole white folks” accordingly to you were never Cilvilized and was never honest since day one!

      Note: I gave a history lessons and notes months ago on here about you whites and broke down every details.

      “Making America Great again” as quoted.😥
      (Lmao!…. The land your forefathers “some good ole white folks” have stolen and robbed from the natives “Were never WHITES ORIGINAL COUNRTY TO BEGIN WITH!

      😂 Lmao! America was never great to begin with when 👉 YOUR EUROPEAN CAUCASIAN NEANTHERNALS ANIMAL FOREFATHERS have placed or have set foot on American soil causing Mayehm and Murder on Natives land and brought Negroes over here from Africa from the start since day one.

      👉You all NOMADIC CAVE BARBARIC people from white Europe, should have stayed the hell in Europe in the first place and THE WORLD WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN!
      (How about that for ya)

      #3) 👉 You say: “very effective when teaching others how blacks that embrace Islam are trying to destroy this country with lies, deceit, and evil propaganda.”

      (My Counter Bluff and flip your own statement the other way around with my ending)

      🐼 “It’s very effective when teaching others how whites that embrace “White superiority or White Nationalists” views and behavior and trying to destroy the world and it’s countries with lies, deceit, Bigotry with evil white propagandas” The truth has been told, you have more Delusional Dimwited Caucasians will thwart and show the true nature of white bias on a black man’s views and his website from reality to show how 🐷”some Good ole whitefolk’s”🐷 mindset and thier character about black people.

      👉 BTW: Thanks for proving our point by showing how you whites really think, it sounds mighty white and never wrong, KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK!

      Sincerely yours 😎 Lmao!

  47. This site, regardless of how vile and/or racist many commenters claim it to be, is one of only a few sites that operate on a basis of truth. The explanation of why all whites are reparation offenders, and how you effectively classified them as being either direct offenders or indirect offenders, was sane, on point, and edifying. This site does an excellent job at exposing the root causes of White hate, and snatches the cover off the Klan and also the “Cloaked”- those who see themselves as non-racist. For when the cloak is removed, the true nature of these vile dogs began to show. One just has to look at their comments.
    Why are they so mad? Truthfully, it is because they cannot control the free speech of free Black men and Women. Whites are use to controlling- or believing they control- everything and everyone. They hate this site because Buckwheat and Flip Wilson do not live here. They hate this site because nobody cries when hate filled white folk- who spent their lives pretending to be moral- meet the sudden and untimely death that a true God mandated. They want us to cry at their funerals, and when we laugh instead- reminding them that “as thou have done, so shall it be done…”- the false cloak of brotherly equality and pseudo love comes flying off, revealing them for what they truly are: a newer generation of the same damn devils that enslaved, raped, and murdered Black people, killed a whole nation of Indian people while stealing every square inch of their land, filled it with filth, child rape and incestuous pornography, destroyed every body of water with poison, falsely changed a Black Jesus to a “good” white cracker after their ancestors murdered him, made homosexuality their new religion, and lastly, deny the existence of God by living daily according to the will of their true god Satan. Their war against, you, me and every Black person, is actually a war against God.

  48. 💣 Brotha Blackfootwork! Do your thang bro and the hell with these 🐷’s Mindsets.

    (Melanin Black Nation, Stand up and Rise up with pride and Power) Great Article bro!

  49. post a phone number on this site you cowards. the fact that youre justifying a murder is sickening

  50. You are a stupid misguided monkey

  51. Other than the obvious leaps in logic, let me just ask you 3 questions:
    1. For how many years were you a slave?
    2. For how many years was anyone you know a slave?
    3. Can you name one person you’ve ever met who has owned or been a slave?

  52. Blacks are outdated farm equipment

  53. Hello, Satan? Is that you? My gosh. I thought you lived in the pits of Hell. Who knew.

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