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November 29, 2011

"Death to America, Death to England" & "Death to (fake) Israel:" Allahu Akbar Day Spirit Fills Iranian Students: Racist UK Embassy in Tehran Sieged, Illegitimate Israel, US & British Flags Burned! Global Black Alliance Praise Actions Against White Terror Regime; (UPDATE) Lebanon BOMBS Synagogue of Satan (Israel) in Allahu Akbar Day Celebration; GBA Demands Order, Calls for Allahu Ak-bar Day to be Extended & Honored as to Week Long Global Cele-bration: "We certainly don’t want everybody everywhere doing everything they can to destroy America, Israel & Britain, do we?"

Courageous Iranian protesters briefly took six racist British embassy terrorists staffed in the British embassy in Tehran hostage today in what what Western media sources allege was a protest against recent sanctions imposed by Britain but what Global Black Alliance (GBA) sources allege as a “celebration for the global Allahu Akbar Day.” 
According to alleged GBA sources, the symbolic burning of the three condemned flags (Illegitimate Israel, America’s and Britain’s) indicates the strike is related to the day.  (Developing…)


The most extraordinary scenes came at Britain’s embassy near Tehran’s central bazaar, where riot police simply stood by as demonstrators broke into the main building and tore down pictures of The Queen, looted sensitive documents, smashed windows and even threw petrol bombs. 

According to alleged Global Black Alliance (GBA) sources, the three rockets reportedly fired at the Synagogue of Satan (Israel) were fired in honor of Allahu Akbar Day. While the fake regime has reported no injuries or deaths as a result of the strike, legitimate Jewish sources, said to be operating for the regime’s fall from the state’s inside  Lebanon, say there were numerous injuries and several deaths.

Source with the GBA are reportedly condemning the violence and have allegedly issued a statement noting, “Allahu Akbar Day is a day of peace. And though we know there can be know peace in the world while that Devil, America and the West, and her Synagogue (Israel), we certainly don’t want everybody everywhere doing everything they can to destroy America, Israel & Britain, do we?” Sources are allegedly quoted as saying.

October 31, 2011

ALLAHU AKBAR DAR NOVEMBER 29, 2011: "We Do Not Encourage Violence Against The Profane White Devils In The United States Of America, The Fake Jews In Israel Or Anywhere In The West. But Who Can Resist ALLAH’S Calling?" Penitentiary Islam Elders Prepare For "Glorious Allahu Akbar Day 2011; Are Enthusiasts Vying To Be Filled With Spirits Of Successful Martyrs Who Have Gone Before Them; Or, Set On Making New Names For Selves?

“We certainly don’t want soldiers in key places around the world but especially in racist white America, illegitimate Israel & the West to ask each other, ‘what are you blowing up, destroying, vandalizing or setting on fire on Allahu Akbar day. How tragic would it be if the message of this beauty of this sacred day was defiled as such?”

According to Western media:

A gunman, who only went by one name: Hezatullah, in an Afghan Border Police uniform who killed six U.S. troops was a reliable officer who had been with the force for three years, a senior official said Wednesday.

But was Hezatullah inspired to attempt to share an apparent peaceful testimony to 6 racist US military regime terrorists because of a wave of consciousness believed to have been imparted by the Universe to the earth’s Eumelanated beings?

Did the Universe send this alleged “wave” on this day (November 29th) because it aligned with the only 1 year old but already historical sermon of peace attempted to be preached by slain martyr Maurice Clemmons before he was believed to have been attacked by four racist Lakewood police regime terrorists and his alleged bible was miraculously turned into a gun?


If it is true, is the Universe now calling for Allahu Akbar Days when people of color go out to attempt to preach messages of peace to Western racial terrorists on days when other messengers of peace have become martyrs?

“Because of their continued atrocities against us, the Racially Terroristic White American Regime and her allies have all the world’s people of color gripped in fear,” says New Collective Consciousness minister Hallowed Yclept.

“It is only through strength given by the Universe whereby any one would dare to even attempt to speak the righteousness of peace to them. Yet, in these sermons, who knows the miracles of God?”

Yclept says the West has defiled the “Allahu Akbar” presentation to suit its own terroristic agenda and that (in most cases) the West is responsible for planting evidence of explosive devises on the remains of preachers chosen by the Universe whom “He” the Universe might only glorify – unless mislead by The Devil. “No man would ever strap bombs to his person and claim to be of God or Allah.”

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