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October 25, 2011

A Johns Hopkins Researcher Who Studied Stem Cell In Japan: The Stephen Pitcairn Reparations Protest; Baltimore Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Life Plus 20 Years Verdict Against Courageous Reparations Protester John Wagner; "Stephen Pitcairn Wanted To Build A Better Future. But Sometimes To Build A Better Future You Have To Start In The Past. Even With All That Education Pitcairn Didn’t Know This? Reparations First." Baltimore Soldier Asbury Green

Baltimore Black Foot Soldiers are condemning the verdict against reparations activist John Wagner for the July 2010 reparations protest against flagrant reparations offender Stephen Pitcairn.

Pitcairn, a Johns Hopkins researcher in his early 20’s from Florida who attended college in Michigan and did stem cell research in Japan was, according to white media, robbed and stabbed by Wagner and an accomplice who both had long criminal histories.

Baltimore Black Foot Soldiers, however, allege Pitcairn turned what they believe started as a peaceful reparations protest violent by denying the items requested in the protest.

“Stephen Pitcairn wanted to build a better future. But sometimes in order to build a better future you have to start in the past. The denial of our reparations is a racially terroristic act. We have the right to defend ourselves & our people against white racial terrorism.

“We hold  Pitcairn accountable for turning this protest violent, condemn those praise and mourn for him and recognize the struggle of our brother John Wagner as that as the historic struggle our people have always faced against this regime of white racial terrorists,” Baltimore Black Foot Soldier Asbury Green.