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January 18, 2010

CHICAGO "NIGGER KILLER" ON THE LOOSE: Mr. "I’ve Already Killed 6 Niggers & I personally cant wait for my NEXT chance to shoot … you rabid dogs down" publishes racially motivated terroristic agenda to Black Foot Soldiers…. Where are Chicago ShittyCops?

All, this was forwarded to me from Chicago Black Foot Soldiers. If you live in the city, this is one you’ll want to watch for and protect your family from. Filled with of racist hate, this one, still carrying his club and (no doubt) eating raw meat, is straight from the Caucasus Mountains. It’s published in detail on the National Black Foot Soldier Network Website where he threatened the life of brother NSBFSN journalist and Website editor Yusef Douglas and  randomly threatened all blacks. My only question’s where are the shitt cops at? … . … . Oh, that’s right, they’re antiblack terrorists too.