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July 19, 2011

Racist San Francisco Police Regime Murder Of 19 Year Old Soldier Kenneth Harding Condemned! California Black Foot Soldiers Call For State To Order An Immediate Moratorium On White "Police" Interaction With Black Citizens & Remind Black Citizens They Must Feel As Though Their Lives Are Being Threatened To Justifiably Protect Against White Police Terror; Cali Soldiers Vie To Be Filled With Spirit Of Maurice Clemmons

“Do we want preemptive strikes against white police terrorists?” Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Augusta Dubois waged in an emergency meeting called to address the racist San Francisco Police Regime’s murder of nineteen year old soldier Kenneth Harding. “For our protection, should these so called white police be called out on fake 911 call and then preached to while they’re backs are turned?,” he asked.

Dubois spoke before San Francisco Black Foot Soldiers and to other  concerned black citizens near the home of Harding  in efforts to teach unaware blacks that they must see white police as racial terrorists and feel as though their lives are being terroristically threatened in order be protected by terrorism laws in defence of white police terror.

“Do we want brothers brave enough to know that they are greater in death than in life if they are slain standing up for righteousness against white police terrorism and when they claim the white man’s so called possessions in BOW Reparations Protests?

“For while we know that 72 virgins await us if we are slain standing up for righteousness. We also know that if we are endowed with that warrior spirit, we may reject our appointed virgins and return here to fight against this devil until he is removed from his seat of power and our people are economically, psychologically and physically free.

According to sources, over 250 San Francisco Black Foot Soldiers attended the meeting. Many of whom, reportedly, were calling for the spirit of Seattle Black Foot Soldier Maurice Clemmons to descend upon them.

“Although it is the only way we know we can only have peace from white police terror, we don’t want preemptive strikes enacted against these white devils who dress themselves in blue uniforms and call themselves representives of justice – when they are not.

“What we do want is an end to the constant terroristic harassment of our citizens.”

“When you recognize white police as terrorists, you must conclude that those who give them authority are terrorists. 

“When you reach that conclusion you understand that those who voted to put them in positions of power are terrorists. 

“When you reach that conclusion, you must face the reality that all white people are terrorists and, ultimately, have one agenda: to continue to dominate and rule the world by oppression.” 

– National Black Foot Soldier Network