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December 30, 2014

Message to White America: Continued Denial of Reparations for Generational Race Crimes Resulting from White Supremacy Legacy & Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) is "a continued assault upon our people that can only be perceived as an act of war. We have the right defend & protect ourselves & our families from this continued racially terroristic assault," NBFSN; (FEATURE) Dr Claud Anderson: Pay reparations to the heirs of African slaves: —>THESE INHUMANE ACTS & WAR CRIMES CAN NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED<— (SEE) List of Today’s Fortune 500 Companies that Owned Slaves!

“Get over it!” .. “You were NEVER a slave!” .. “But only 26% of whites owned slaved.” .. “Nobody owes you ANYTHING!” “We didn’t own slaves.” .. “Your own kind sold you into slavery!” “Blacks weren’t the only slaves.” .. “The Irish were slaves too!” .. “You never picked ANY cotton!” … Denying Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Reparations is White Racial Terrorism & We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves Against White Racial Terrorism

The follwing companies still in existence today that benefited and was involved in the African Slave Trade: Bank of America, Aetna (Inc), JPMorgan Chase, CSX, AIG, Wells Fargo.  

“Where is the money going to? How will these companies do it? Simple, we want these companies to set up two massive banks, an economic development bank on the west coast and an economic development bank on the east coast, so descendants of African slaves can draw that money to get low interest loans or free money to build businesses and industries throughout the United States! Enough is enough. It is time for these companies to be held accountable for their active role in the African Slave Trade”

A national boycott of these companies will be the last result, if they don’t respond to their call to action! To Succeed we must be Unified an act Politically and Legally! This is an issue that all people should take a stand for regardless of Race Classification!