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February 6, 2012

(BREAKING) Was Officer Stephen Green Acting White? Mobile Black Foot Soldiers Praise Brother & Activist Lawrence Wallace in DARING Dollar General Reparations Protest, Condemn Green’s Observance of "White Laws Denying Rights to Repara-tions; (PLUS) Racist Mobile Police Regime Terrorist Mark Johnson POPPED, Anti Recovery Vigil Planned; "Although we know Johnson has been released from the hospital, let us continue our prayers against him, his family & his kind for the racial terrorism we face from him & his kind." Mobile Black Foot Soldier Moses Abernathy

Mobile Black Foot Soldiers are reportedly mourning the loss of reparations protester Lawrence Wallace Jr. as well as the loss of Mobile Police Officer Steven Green. Green was reportedly stabbed to death by Wallace after Green arrested him during an alleged reparations protest at a Dollar General on North Schillinger.  Many local soldiers now suspect Wallace believed Green was acting white by attempting to arrest him in a protest against the historically racist Dollar General company. (RELIVE: THE KYSER MYREE REPARATIONS PROTEST!)SEE: Mobile Black Foot Soldiers Celebrate Death & Life of Officer Stephen Green & Reparations Protester Lawrence Wallace Jr. (Moolaw), Condemn Racist Mobile Police Regime Terrorist Mark Johnson & Dollar General Store Denial of Reparations; “Today we will celebrate as though brothers Stephen Green & Lawrence Wallace are still alive. Like-wise we will celebrate as though State commissioned racial terrorist Mark Johnson was the one killed & as though the Holocaust denying Dollar General stores in Mobile and across America were all burned to the ground.” – Mobile Black Foot Soldiers