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October 29, 2011

Racist Mariner’s Pointe Apartment Complex Security Guard Mathew F. Little Recognized By Soldier Bradley Bolden For Racial Terrorist He Was; St. Petersburg Black Foot Soldiers Praise Bolden Courage In Face Of White Police Terror: "Our Young Brother Was Called By God To Fight White Police Terror & Instead Of Running Accepted God’s Calling. Great Shall His Reward Be In Heaven & On Earth. We Demand His Release & Will Always Stand By His Side."

St. Petersburg Black Foot Soldiers are reportedly issuing as a statement calling the young generations of brothers willing to sacrifice their lives standing up against historic white police terror (WOT) “the youthful martyrs of God who hear his calling and rather than run, submit or bow down -fight”

Soldiers are referring to a marquee of brothers ranging from teens to grown men that includes:

thirty nine year old Hydra Lacy whose January 17th protest against WOT found him feeding racist St. Pete Police regime terrorists Jeffrey Yaslowitz & Sergeant Tom Baitinger the cake the never got to eat as just desserts for their misrepresentation of justice. “We are Thankful These two State Commissioned Racial Terror-ists Are Dead No Longer Have Opportunity To Profile Harass Our Citizens. We Will Celebrate Their Funerals Killings,” Pinellas County Florida Black Foot Soldiers hailed. “His brother is a champion boxer and now Hydra has established himself in the historic struggle against white police terror. He is a hero.”

Pete Soldiers have also hailed sixteen year old Nicholas Lindsey a resist white police terror  hero and providing him support, counselling and commissary relief for his February 21st protest against racist St. Petersburg Police regime terrorist David S. Crawford. Crawford is believed to have profiled Lindsey as a prowler while the courageous teen was reportedly looking for reparations offenders to stage a reparations protest against. 

Reportedly, Nicholas was illegally taken into the custody the Racist St. Petersburg Police Regime about 24 hours after regimist Crawford’s apparent attempt to racially profile profile him. Unconfirmed sources allege the regimist certainly threatened Nicholas’ life. “He was right to defend himself,” one source said. “They’re killing brothers here routinely and getting away with it.”

Noting the seemingly racially motivated killings of brothers all throughout the State of Florida, Soldiers in nearly every major city have produced advertisements warning blacks to not be the historically racist State’s next lynching victim:

Twenty year old Bradley Bolden who, after his May 16th resist white police terror protest against racial terrorist Mathew F. Little and in an interrogation allegedly said: he doesn’t like law or trust white law, is also being praised for his confidence and courage in standing up against injustice and knowing what is right.

“We want our brothers like Bolden to know in standing up against white police terror they have done no wrong and they have a support system with them,” says leading and controversial Florida Black Foot Soldier Claude Neal.

“We don’t believe in or advocate violence, but we have the right to defend ourselves against this continued racial terrorism our children, brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers face.

 “Brothers need to know that these are the same conscienceless, greedy, self justifying and demonic whites our ancestors fought against. They hold their forefathers degenerate values. They need to know that God is always looking for brave young soldiers to stand up against evil.”