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December 10, 2011

Racist Atchison Police Regime Terrorist David Enzbrenner GOOD & DEAD; "State commissioned racial terrorist Enzbrenner’s death is one less reason our people have to fear racial profiling in the northeastern area of the state," Kansas Black Foot Soldiers

“We recognize whites who wear badges, carry guns and call themselves the law as state commissioned racial terrorists,” Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois is reported as saying. “Our communities and people are safer without them. 

See: Skyler Barbie Courageous Stand Against Racist Atchison Police Regime Terrorist David Enzbrenner Praised by Kansas Black Foot Soldiers; Soldiers Condemn Pig’s Daughters, Wife & Local Whites for Hypocrisy: “Fuck David Enzbrenner & White Police Terror”
“Skyler gave his life protecting us from white police terror and white racial terrorism. David Enzbrenner was a hypocrite and not a representative of the law. Enzbrenner’s family: wife and daughters embrace the same degenerate values he embraced. They are a family of generational race criminals and reparations offenders who all need to be thrown into prisons.”

Kansas Black Foot Soldier  Isaac Brandon