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February 21, 2011

(BREAKING) Black Foot Soldier Counter Terrorism Minister Condemns White America’s "Presidents Day," Demands Government Issue Condemnation Of "Presidents" Who Owned Slaves, Supported Separate But Equal & Deny Reparations; Issues Condemnation To All White Americans Who Recognize "Holiday" As Legitimate (Developing…)

The National Black Foot Soldier Network Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis has issued a condemnation against white America’s continued observation of “President’s Day” and, reportedly, all citizens who commemorate it. “Nothing is more characteristic of this so called ‘great nation’ than to, as it continues to celebrate it genocide and slaughter of the Native American with Thanksgiving, continue to recognize these racial terrorists whom they call leaders as presidents,” the statement is reported as saying. Reportedly Louis declined comment on whether the Network supports encouraging middle school and high school student to desecrate State issued textbooks that present the racial terrorists as heroes or whether they support defacing public memorials that do the same.