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June 13, 2011

(BREAKING) Racist Stafford Police Regime Terrorist Christian Crum Killed In Spectacular Motorcycle Crash; Houston, Sugarland & Stafford Black Foot Soldiers Release Joint Statement Expressing Relief Crum "Nn Longer Has Opportunity To Racially Profile & Harass Black Residents: We Hope His Suffering Was Great."

Stafford, Houston and Sugarland Black Foot Soldiers have issued a unified joint statement expressing relief that racist Stafford police regime terrorist Christian Crum is dead and calling for all Texas blacks and conscience whites to celebrate his death as part of their struggle against White Police Terror (WPT). 

Crum, 31, was, reportedly, riding a personal motorcycle when another vehicle pulled out into his path. According to sources close to the Stafford soldiers, the motorcycle along with all other possessions claimed to be owned by Crum are considered reparations property. 

“Crum was a reparations offender and a white police regime terrorist. Our citizens are safer now that he no longer has the ability to racially profile and harass them.” leading Houston soldier Masontae Limbrick is quoted as saying.  “We are thankful he is dead.”

February 13, 2010

BILL WHITE FOR GOVENOR: HE COULDN’T KEEP CRACK OUT OF HOUSTON & WON’T KEEP IT OUT OF TEXAS, Houston Black Foot Soldiers Condemn F.A.K.E. War On Drugs & Texas Politicians

June 24, 2009

HOUSTON: OFFICER HENRY CANALES DEATH PARTY CANCELLED; Feature: What’s Mayor Bill White Hiding in His Pocket?