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February 16, 2012

The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Reparations Offender Alicia McDonald; Was Michael Hagan Chosen by Universe as Vessel of Divine Racial Karma Against Whites for Unrestituted for Race Crimes? "Yes," says NBFSN Divine Race Karma Interpreter Hallowed Yclept.


February 10, 2012

(BREAKING) Reparations Offender Carter Strange Identified as Racial Terrorist Photo-graphed in Historic Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson & Isaac McGhie Lynching in Former Life

“The National Black Foot Soldier Network deplores violence,” says Divine Racial Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept. “And with the confirmation from the Divine that reparations offender Carter Strange is the incarnation of the unidentified racist in the state’s historic Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson & Isaac McGhie lynching we know now that the young brothers who began witnessing to him were inspired by the immutable and undeniable forces of Divine Racial Karma itself. It is unfortunate that white people’s behavior on the planet has brought this kind of retribution against them.”

While Carter Strange, his parents and many whites in the local community continue to proclaim the nineteen year old was the victim of an unprovoked attack, Richland County Black Foot Soldiers maintain Strange was a flagrant reparations offender who, apparently, adamantly denied the Holocaust.

“Carter Strange was not an innocent person,” Richland County Black Foot Soldier Sterling Dunham is reported as saying in condemnation of the teen.

“While today’s white people remain in denial that they are responsible for making restitution for the racially terroristic crimes their forefathers committed against our people and then manipulated their way out of making restitution for, know today that we aren’t accepting their ignorance, denial or arguments they present as excuses for the reason restitution has not been made.  Oh how we’d hate to look at Carter’s broken nose and cracked skull as part of that restitution. For, how wrong would that be?”

“Oh how we’d hate to look at Carter’s broken nose and cracked skull as part of that restitution. For, how wrong would that be?”

South Carolina Yakub Muslims have also reportedly issued a condemnation against Strange and allege that he may have been thinking unacceptable racial epithets that, in a moment of extra sensory perception (ESP) clarity caused by increasing amounts of Ultraviolet Light in the atmosphere, may have been overheard by the youths accused of assaulting him. They are asking that any blacks who heard Strange say or think “nigger” to come forward.

“I don’t know about forgiveness,” Strange who has reportedly said about his so called unprovoked attackers. Dunham, however, said Strange’s inability to forgive his attackers was just fine with him and local and State soldiers. “We don’t forgive you motherfuckers for your unrestituted for crimes against us either,” Dunham is quoted as saying. Contacts wouldn’t confirm whether Dunham asked whether Strange now appreciated the concept of making restitution for racially terroristic crimes against others more now when he looked in the mirror and saw his reflection than before the alleged unprovoked attack.