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December 15, 2009

Henderson Hypocrite, Devil & Pig Dennis Cagle: "Deserved to Die Protecting Worthless Save A Lot Merchandise" – Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers

Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers are calling the battle that took place in the parking lot of a Save A Lot grocery store and ended the life of Henderson Police terrorist Dennis Cagle a legitimate Reparations Protest in which Cagle had “no right to interfere in.”

“So called officer Dennis Cagle was a hypocrite (who supported the racist laws of this country), a devil (who embraced the values of his fathers) and pig (who invested the hours of his life contributing to the racist and terroristic regime of Henderson police department),” says outspoken Jacksonville Black Foot Soldier Frank Ballard. “He deserved to die defending the worthless merchandise in a Save A Lot grocery.”

Ballard says that in recent months Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers have traveled to Henderson to educate brothers and sisters about the new Reparations Movement and their rights.

“Devils value possessions that belong to us over their lives,” Ballard says. “They are willing to try to kill us for taking property that is rightfully ours. Brother Stewart’s protest should be seen as a no less courageous than any in history. He will certainly be greatly rewarded in Heaven.”