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December 20, 2011

Jeremy Crane Playstation 3 Reparations Protest, "We stand by reparations protesters Jeremy Priel & Michael Bell," Marion County Black Foot Soldiers, Condemnation Against 7 Year Old Kyleigh Issued: "Vctim of White Racial Karma"

While many Indiana whites are calling twenty five year old Jeremy Priel and twenty two Michael Bell murdering thieves, Marion County Black Foot Soldiers are hailing them ‘chosen spirits of divine race karma who accepted the call of God to stand against the hypocritical and universally despised white concept of good.

“The way they betrayed the Native Americans, the Africans, the African Americans, the people of the Middle East & all the people of color on the face of the earth: ALL WHITE DESERVE TO HAVE THE BLACKS THEY TRUST TURN ON THEM & RETURN UNTO THEM THE RACE KARMA THEY ARE DUE,” Universal Race Karma screams.

(Below) Marion County Soldiers condemn “hypocritical” and “racist” comments by Crane family & Kyleigh’s mother”

“He was my son’s best friend. Someone we trusted. ‘He lived in our house. I’ve done his laundry. I’ve given him food. We always had an open door (for him),” speaking of Michael Bell, Cathy Crane, Jeremy’s mother is quoted as saying. “Both of my children loved him,” said Holly Long Wilson,Kyleigh’s mother is reported as saying. “This will stick with me. I will never be at peace, and this will never go away. “I don’t understand how someone could do something so horrible.”

“Because of the unrestituted for race crimes of her people and their continued racial crimes against the people of color on the planet today, the universe hated seven year old Kyleigh.  She was despised.  to prove her value, took her life for a cell phone, an Xbox and a Playstation 3 console,” Marion County Black Foot Soldier Eli Ladd.

 “We encourage our brothers who find themselves entagled in the belly of the beast and captured by her racially covetous principalities of evil, to know that they were not only chosen by the universe to fulfill vengeances against those it despises and to know that for their suffering, they will receive great rewards in heaven. For, the righteous will always suffer at the hands of the wicked for accepting the divine’s calling.”