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September 29, 2012

(UPDATE) "We ain’t missing reparations offender Colton Gleason!" … (BREAKING) New Black Foot Soldier Icon Jesse Smithers Hailed "HERO" for Defending Race from Violent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust Denier & Becoming Vessel of Divine Race Karma…

“We are happy his racially narcissistic smile which threatened our people will never be seen again.”

– Minneapolis Black Foot Soldier Elias McGhie Jackson

St. Cloud and Minneapolis  Black Foot Soldiers have issued a joint and scathing condemnation against twenty year old reparations offender Colton Gleason who was killed in an apparent and single blow by Divine Race Karma. “Racial terrorists like Colton Gleason have assaulted our people through Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) reparations denial without regard for too long. We can only be thankful that seventeen year old Jesse Smithers allowed God to use him and his body to be filled with the spirit of retribution Allah is pouring out across the earth against these unrepentant and demonic savage cave creatures who call themselves part of mankind but reject the universal laws of love, justice and fairness.

SEE:  The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Unrepentant Reparations Offender Colton Gleason; St. Cloud Black Foot Soldiers Praise Jesse Smithers’ Courage in Face of Gleason’s Racist Attack; “We recognize brother Smithers’ actions as being driven by Divine Race Karma against a vile generational Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denier whose denial represents his kind’s continued race terror against our people. As such we know Jesse’s actions were in self defense.”
“There are a lot of devils mourning for and missing reparations offender Colton Gleason today. But we ain’t missing him. Our people and communities are safer without his racial terrorism and TAST Holocaust denial. We can only be happy his racially terroristic and hypocritical smile will never be shown again.”

– Minneapolis Black Foot Soldier Elias McGhie Jackson