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April 10, 2012

John E.Versypt Reparations Protest UPDATE: State Continues Persecution Against Heroic Reparations Activists Charles Thompson, Courtney White, Justin A. Marshall; "Fuck Reparations Offender John Versypt & white Holocaust denial," Illinois Black Foot Soldiers

 Illinois & Iowa City Black Foot Soldiers have issued a joint statement condemning the racist Iowa City Police terror regime’s arrests of reparations activists Charles Thompson, Courtney White and Justin Marshall. Soldiers are also condemning the State’s ongoing attempts to prosecute the activists and calling the sixty-four year old reparations offender targeted in the protest a piggish and vile old white devil who chose violence and  white supremacy;s continued doctrine of black genocide over peace and healing the white Americans’ generational racial terrorism through restitution for their race crimes.

According to pro white media sources: On October 8, 2009 John E.Versypt of Cordova, Illinois was working on one of his properties at 1958 Broadway St in the #C building when he was shot and killed. Soldiers, however, say Versypt himself was responsible for the violence that resulted in his death.

“The denial of reparations that reparations offender John Versypt supported is rooted white supremacy’s  historical campaign of genocide against our people,” Whiteside County Black Foot Soldier Elijah Dillard says in the statement. “Therefore we know that this smiling devil John Versypt was a Holocaust denying white supremacist whose apparent violence during this certainly peaceful protest resulted in his own death. Our citizens are certainly safer without this reparations offender, supporter of black genocide and generational race criminal alive. We praise God for the brave young men who attempted to stand up against his racial terrorism.”

On February 11, 2010 Charles William Curtis Thompson was charged with Murder in the 1st Degree for his alleged involvement in the protest. On July 14, 2011 Justin Alexander Marshall was arrested in in Lancaster, Texas. Courtney White was taken into custody without incident Monday October 3 by the Coralville regime and charged with murder in the 1st degree is. Soldiers, however, assert Versypt was the “only criminal deserving of charges.”