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March 25, 2012

Message to Lancaster Whites: "HE WASN’T BELOVED BY US & NEITHER ARE YOU!" The Reed Keith Reparations Protest at eChaps Computer; Degenerate Reparations Offender DEAD after Allegedly Turned Peaceful Protest Violent; "Brother Timothy Johnson is hero for standing up to this devil & demanding he end his Holocaust denial. We are thank-ful he can no longer racially terrorize our people" Los Angeles Soldier Augustus Dubois

According to local media, Holocaust denier Reed Keith is being remembered by the many Lancaster whites as a ‘beloved’ member of the community. But Los Angeles County Black Foot Soldiers are calling the sixty year old owner of eChaps Computer a “degenerate reparations offender” whose “denial of reparations for his kind’s unrestituted for generational race crimes” (against blacks) was “nothing short of racial terrorism.”

“He wasn’t beloved by us,” renown Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois condemned at an assembly attended by reportedly near seventy Soldiers in South Los Angeles. 

“We gather here today to not only say fuck reparations offender Keith Reed. But we gather here today to say fuck all eighty-thousand racially unrepentant whites here in Lancaster and fuck the five million whites here in Los Angeles County. “

According to racist Lancaster police regime terrorists, Keith was helping a customer when Johnson allegedly entered the shop, shot Keith at point-blank range in front another reparations offender and stole several electronic devices.

Soldiers, however, are condemning white media and the Lancaster police regime’s portrayal of the protest as a robbery and are condemning the presentation of Keith’s death as being a result of ‘anything other than an act of self defense’.

“Like Keith Reed wasn’t beloved by us, as long as you remain in denial of restitution for your kind’s crimes, you’re not beloved by us either. We say this with conviction and righteousness because we know that as long as you deny the descendants of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade the reparations we are due, you don’t love us. Love is justice!” Dubois, with Soldiers echoing his call, waged. “Love is not your convenience! Your convenience is injustice, racial terrorism and Holocaust denial, to us and this is why we can give thanks to our brother Timothy Johnson today. For in having the courage to protest against Keith’s Holocaust denial, he not only heard the calls for justice from the hundreds of millions of our ancestors whose justice was denied – but he stood up for the call for justice today.

According to Los Angeles County Black Foot Soldier contacts, the regime arrested twenty four year old  protester Johnson early this morning.

 “Had massa’ Keith known any righteousness, he would have had brother Johnson’s reparations ready and at the door when he came to ask for them. Instead that now dead old devil apparently chose the path of violence and forced our brother to defend himself.

Soldiers throughout the county say they hope local whites will now be able to see their own racially hypocritical ways through Keith death and let it motivate them to accept responsibility for their kind’s crimes and begin to make restitution for them. “White should be able to see that neither we, nor God, nor Allah, nor Yahweh, nor Mother Nature, nor  the Sun of God or nor divine race karma are going to  excuse them for their restitution denial.” South LA Soldier Ozias McGahey said. “Ask Reed Keith.”

“When will your hearts know love, ye prophesy fulfilled white devils?” Dubois challenged. “For our God visits the sins of the fathers upon the heads of the sons. Reparations offender Keith reaped the harvest of those sins today. It is a tragedy that that old and piggish hypocrite Reed Keith met that visitation with the same hardened heart of those who once forced the hands of our ancestors to pick cotton and whipped them if they refused.”