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August 22, 2010

The Julie Miller Reparations Protest At The Suncoast Casino: How & Why Did 68 Year Old Generational Reparations Offender Turn Peaceful Protest Violent? – Las Vegas Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Savage Behavior Of Holocaust Denier; Whites Describe Protester As "Young, Black Male…"

November 20, 2009

DARING REPARATIONS PROTEST AT HOME OF FAKE VEGAS PIG TREVOR NETTLETON: Warriors Prentice Marshall & Saul Williams to Receive Crowns for BOW Thrilling

Details are emerging about the oreprted daring BOW Reparations Protest at the home of a Las Vegas F.A.K.E. cop identified as Trevor Nettleton.

Reports that warriors Prentice Marshall and Saul Williams declared “today is the day we take our reparations or will receive our Virgins” before the protest began have not been confirmed.

According to sources within the Las Vegas Black Foot Soldiers, Nettleton was standing in his garage with the garage door open when the protest began. “A daring gun battle ensued,” a source says. “Prentice and Saul were in rare form.”