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November 24, 2009

F.A.K.E. Cop Daniel Leach Eats Dump Truck, Vegas Black Foot Soldier Spiritual War on Regime of Terrorists; FREE Emmitt Ferguson and Quadrae Scott

In the wake of the arrests of brothers Emmitt Ferguson and Quadrae Scott in connection with the Trevor Nettleton Reparations Protest, Las Vegas Black Foot Soldiers have launched a spiritual war against the racist regime of white city police that, reportedly, has claimed the life of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Corrections Officer Daniel Leach.

Leach, a 25-year-veteran with the racist regime, was driving the prison transport vehicle from the Clark County Detention Center to the facility when his vehicle rammed a dumb truck on US 95.

While reports say Leach died instantly, confidential sources close to the accident allege he suffered severely in the accident and died minutes after rescuers arrived.

“We are thankful for the angels of Allah and God who rammed this hypocrite’s vehicle into that sacred dump truck and answered our prayers against their evil,” Las Vegas Black Foot Soldier Washington H. Wallace is quoted as saying in a statement about killing. “This is encouragement to all those who prayed, to keep praying.”

The driver and passenger of the truck that killed Leach were, reportedly, not injured.