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May 20, 2017

The Bailey Zylo, Andy Fockler Reparations Protest: 18 year old generational reparations offender & his 38-year-old, unrepentant racial terrorist step father FINALLY brought to justice! Chosen vessels of retribution Angelo Tuggerson & Isaiah Ishmael Richard hailed “HEROES” in “SPECTACULAR” protest! – Marion County Black Foot Soldiers

nbfsn-rp-j2nn3f2r_r4ss_1nd_th2_sl1v2_1v2ng2r-AaaThe entire “Western world” profited and still reaps benefits from both that slave trade and the concept of white supremacy and the institution of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, the entire white world owes. Contemporary whites’ position that they don’t owe for slavery is in the same vain of their morally degenerate forefathers who set forth barriers to make the climate to seek reparations impossible after their so-called abolishment of slavery was set fourth.

“All whites are reparations offenders,” says NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou. “There are direct reparations offenders and non-direct reparations offenders. Direct reparations offenders are whites from families who owned slaves. Non direct reparations offenders are whites from families who enjoyed either (or both) enjoyed the economic and social position the institution of slavery and white racism afforded them. We do not see the non-direct ones as less guilty than the ones who actually did own slaves.”

October 19, 2014

The Scott Maxie Reparations Protest! "Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations denial is white supremacist racial terrorist attack we have right to defend ourselves against," Marion County Black Foot Soldiers

April 7, 2014

"The value of the new T-shirts you tore open to soak up Ho Lee’s punk ass blood wasn’t as important as the cost of the few items of clothes brothers Deaundre Graves & Jeffery Rhodes rightfully claimed as reparations? Ho Lee shouldn’t of been acting like a white devil & Body Gear should stop black slave trade Holocaust denial" – Marion County Soldier Eli Ladd

May 22, 2012

Greedy Reparations Offender John Butsch Holocaust Denial Costs Him His Life, Marion County Black Foot Soldiers Hail Holocaust Survivor Allen Parker Hero in Refusal of Rent

May 21, 2012

The David Pedigo Reparations Protest! Did David forget about his kind’s crimes in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade? Marion County Soldiers condemn State’s trial & "guilty" verdict against protester Michael Inman, hail "career criminal" as HERO in stand against Holocaust denial

While racist Indianapolis police regime terrorists identify Michael Inman as “one of the city’s most dangerous career criminals, Marion County Black Foot Soldiers say Inman is regarded as icon  to blacks in the grassroots movement and that many of them have even met and were schooled by the legend personally.

“The reason reparations offenders and racial terrorists with the police regime continue to mischaracterize our leaders, role models and activists who fight for Trans Atlantic slave trade restitution, is because sub-consciously (and some even openly) they embrace the white supremacist doctrine that denies reparations are owed.

“When you hear whites say: ‘get over it,’ ‘slavery was a long time ago,’ ‘my family didn’t own slaves, ‘the Jews owned the slave ships,’ ‘your own kind sold you into slavery,’ and other sentiments like these, know these are the most common excuses these devils will use in attempts to not accept responsibiltity for and make restitution for their kind’s generational race crimes. Know today that these are unacceptable racist statements reparations offenders use in support of their kind’s historical racial terrorism. Whites who make statements like these are just as racially terroristic as the whites who dehumanized and terrorized our ancestors during the slave trade and even in this – the post Trans Atlantic slave trade era. Most often, these are the kinds of whites you will have to defend yourself against in a repartions protest. From this day forward, when you hear these fork-tongued lepers espouse such racism, tell them to ask reparations offender David Pedigo what the fuck he thinks about that bullshit.” Marion County Soldier Eli Ladd III is quoted as saying.

“It’s remarkable. Did David Pedigo forget about his kind’s crimes in the Trans Atlantic slave trade. If he and the whites who mourn him and support him did forget about it or, perhaps, do think it’s insignificant today, they need to learn from this example that we are educated about how through racism they continued to deny the justice of reparations. They need to know that we haven’t forgotten about it and do hold them accountable. And, they need to know that regardless of how they dismiss it, we know it is not insignificant today and, until restitution is made, we will continue to hold them accountable.”  

“Make no mistakes about it, white Indianapolis and white America. David Pedigo and you are the ‘dangerous generational racial terrorists and modern day career criminals’. Soldiers  like Michael Inman are the protesters bringing them to justice. Ask David Pedigo.”

August 30, 2011

"It’s Always Been War, Bitch! Fuck You & Dustin!" Marion County Black Foot Soldiers Respond To Racist Indianapolis Police Regime Terror Chief Paul Ciesielski’s "It’s War" Declaration: "Whites With Badges & Guns Are State Commissioned Racial Terrorists Not Representatives Of Justice. We Could Only Rejoice Had Dustin Carmack Died. Eugenio Gonzalez-Ramirez & Johnny Taboada-Perez Emerge Heroes In Daring Stand Against White Police Terror!

Marion County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement challenging Racist Indianapolis police chief Paul Ciesielski’s declaration proclaiming “war on people that shoot at cops.”

“Show us a white person with a blue uniform, a badge and a gun, so called chief Ciesielski and I’ll show you a state commissioned racial terrorist rather than a representative of the law,” Marion County Black Foot Soldier Warren Eton is quoted as saying. “The battle of people of color against White Police Terror (WPT) has always been war, bitch! Fuck you and Dustin Carmack! Had he died those in our community would have only been able to rejoice.”