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October 31, 2012

The Robert Heym Reparations Protest:Elderly Reparations Offender Allegedly Turns Peaceful Protest Violent: DEAD! "This vile old devil lived his whole life embracing the race crimes of his kind & never once attempted to make up for those crimes. We honor brothers Stacey Brown & Roderick Crawford for their courage in the face of Heym’s violent & genera-tional racial terrorism. We are relieved Reparations Offender Heym can no longer attack our people with Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations denials." Charlotte & Mecklenburg Coun-ty Black Foot Soldiers issue statement on death of "piggish" 65 year old race criminal…

January 17, 2012

Pregnant Devil’s Filthy Corpse Discovered Behind Trash Dumpster; Mecklenburg County Black Foot Soldiers Relieved Generational Race Criminal Danielle Marie Watson Dead; "Divine racial karma placed this hypocrite’s vile corpse by the trash dumpster where her racist beliefs & piggish value system always belonged." North Carolina Penitentiary Islam elders

November 11, 2011

(BREAKING) The Mildred Clontz Reparations Protest! Mecklenburg County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn "Evil, 92 Year Old Reparations Offender Who Evidently Thought She Could Sneak Out Of Life Without Making Restitution For Forefathers’ Atrocities;" Gordon Franklin McMullen Hailed "Daring Hero" In Standing Up Against "Wicked, Old Racist."

Mecklenburg County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a condemnation against 92 year old reparations offender Mildred Clontz who is believed to have died denying the Trans Atlantic slave trade Holocaust and after attacking acclaimed forty seven year old reparations protester Gordon Franklin McMullen .

According to the State, McMullen fatally stabbed Clontz as she returned home from church in April 2008.

“This 92 year old devil thought she could sneak out of life without making restitution for her kind’s atrocities.”

But Mecklenburg County Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy alleges Clontz was a Devil worshiper and vile and old racist who despised God and justice. “This ninety-two year old devil thought she could sneak out of life without making restitution for her kind’s atrocities,” Grandy is quoted as saying at a gathering outside the courthouse where McMullen was sentenced.


“But we can be thankful today that brother McMullen accepted the calling of God and allowed himself to be used as a vessel to try to preach the word of God to this devil worshiping racist. Although we stand opposed to violence, our community can be thankful this vile old demon’s evil heart can no longer deny our people our rights.