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August 18, 2014

"Because Of Their History & Contemporary Behavior Against Black Citizens, We Must Perceive All Whites With Badges & Guns As State Commissioned Racial Terrorists Who Threaten Our Lives. Likewise, We Must Perceive All Whites Who Own Guns As Racial Terrorists. We Have Right To Defend & Protect Ourselves & Families Against White Police Terror & Ongoing Campaign Of White Terrorism.." – National Black Foot Soldier Network

“We don’t believe in or advocate violence, but we have the right to defend ourselves against this continued racial terrorism our children, brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers face. 

“We must always be thankful when one of these State commissioned racial terrorists eats the just deserts of their hypocrisy. Our people must wake up to the realization that white people are not only racial terrorists, however, they are dangerous psychopaths. When we review their history and couple it with their contemporary behavior upon this planet, it becomes readily apparent that for the safety of the earth and humanity, they must be stripped of their human and civil rights.”

“Although it is the only way we know we can only have peace from white police terror, we don’t want preemptive strikes enacted against these white devils who dress themselves in blue uniforms and call themselves representives of justice – when they are not. What we do want is an end to the constant terroristic harassment of our citizens.”

 “Brothers need to know that these are the same conscienceless, greedy, self justifying and demonic whites our ancestors fought against. They hold their forefathers degenerate values.” – NBFSN

August 22, 2011

Message To Racially Terroristic Bart Police Regime: If We Do Unto You As You Do Unto Us, We’d Shoot You From Behind When You’re Not Looking; Report: Oakland Blacks Call For Black Foot Soldiers To Preach Golden Rule Against Continued White Police Terror


June 13, 2011

(Breaking) Oakland Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Release Of Rarcist Bart Police Regime Terrorist Johannes Mehserle