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June 26, 2012

"FUCK RACIST 75 YEAR OLD REPARATIONS OFFENDER GERALD LAKIN!" (BREAKING REPORT:) Dunkin Donuts Thriller James Herard REPENTS of Black On Black (BOB) Crime, Dons Royalty, Encourages Crip & Blood Reparations Protest…

March 14, 2012

Racist Delray Police Regime Terrorist Adam Rosenthal Wraps Patrol Car Around Tree! "We Welcome The Death Of This State Commissioned Racial Terrorist. We Thank God He Has Been Destroyed Pleased He Can No Longer Racially Profile Our Citizens," Palm Beach County Black Foot Soldiers

January 8, 2012

The Jimmy McMillan Reparations Protest (UPDATE); Arrest of Alleged Daring Reparations Protester Corey Graham Jr. who was Forced to Defend Self Against Family of Generational Race Criminals Condemned; "The McMillans & their store have exploited our citizens for too long. On Martin Luther King Boulevard this devil has disrespected us & our people daily. He should have been run off the block years ago. Whites across the nation should take this as a sign: MLK don’t want you trespassing on his street no more. No reparations, no peace!"

January 3, 2012

The Jimmy McMillan Reparations Protest on MLK BOULEVARD, (FEATURING) The 1911 Lynching of Charlie Hale! "This devil had the audacity to have his business on the street named after one of our greatest leaders & deny reparations. We are thankful this offender can no longer racially terrorize blacks with his hypocritical Holocaust denial. Fuck Charlie Hale & all whites who embrace his racist values," Belle Glade Black Foot Soldier Leander Shaw