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October 22, 2012

(BREAKING) "He was dressed all in black," Paul Burke Saskia’s father said. “He was holding a katana … a Japanese sword.” … “ I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” … “Her eyes fluttered and then she was gone." … "But the blows didn’t faze Simpson,. He was just smiling.” … "From Nigger to Ninja: William Gary Simpson’s Transformation & the Saskia Burke Visitation by Divine Racial Karma" – edited by NBFSN Divine Race Karma translator Hallowed Yclept

NETWORK STATEMENT: “The NBFSN can not control the wrath Universal Divine Racial Karma is unleashing against the white man due to his unrestituted for generational racial atrocities he has committed & commits against the earth’s people of color. Their atrocities are solely responsible for Her wrath & not a jot or tittle of what he has done to others multiplied by seventy shall he escape until it is retuned unto him the universe says” says Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis, interpreted by translator Hallowed Yclept

Below see:  The  Divine Racial Karma visitation  upon Saskia Burke archives: 

Mommy Catherine Burke’s Tears & the Universal Race Karma Killing of Daughter, Saskia: Was William Chosen by God to Exact Vengeance Upon 4th Removed Generational Devil Whose Forefathers’ Sins Sat On Head?