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December 19, 2009

Community Relieved Penn Hills WOB Terrorist Michael Crawshaw Dead, Condemns Potential Hero Ronald Robinson for Alleged BOB Slaying of Danyal Morton; "He could have been a real hero," Penn HIlls Black Foot Soldier Sylvester Cudjo

Penn Hills Black Foot Soldier Sylvester Cudjo says many in the local community were relieved that Michael Crawshaw, a terrorist Police Officer with the Racist Penn Hills Police Regime, was killed. But, he says, their joy was diminished when they learned potential hero, Ronald Robinson, allegedly committed the tragic &  BOB slaying of 24 year Danyal Morton.

According to author Peter Louis Goldman, who published The Death and Life of Malcom X (1979), in the alleged single meeting in which Civil Rights leader MLK met the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad, Dr. King asked Elijah: do you really believe all white people are snakes?

“Dr. King, we are both Southern men. We know that there are grass snakes, that are harmlessless and there are rattle snakes, that are poisonous. But both are snakes.” Muhammad is quoted as replying.

“There is only 1 political party in America: they are white, and they, whether Democrats or Republicans, are both devils. Keep the movement alive.” – NBFSN Cedishon Angelou (From the National Black Foot Soldier Website)

“All whites must be seen as terrorists,” Cudjo says. “To see them as anything less is to deny history; and, if you don’t know your past, you don’t know the present or where you’re headed.”