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June 22, 2012

(BREAKING) Jury Recommends Life w/o Parole for New Slave Avenger Michael Lee; (UPDATE) "Lee Will Be Awarded Crowns & Virgins in Heaven for Prison & Suffering Resulting fromDaring & Courageous Protest" – Alabama Penitentiary Islam Elders; (UPDATE) Alabama Black Foot Soldiers to Organize Michael Lee Commissary Fund Raiser

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SEE: (BREAKING) “Tell Kyser hello from the field niggers!” Mobile Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Capital Murder Verdict, Praise Lee, Taylor, Wiggins & Lang’s “Sacrifice & Courage;” “We are happy today that reparations offender Kyser Miree can no longer threaten our people & that his family’s smiles are a little bit dimmer,” Mobile County Soldier Moses Abernathy

“The Miree family is a family of generational racial criminals who, in spite of the daring reparations protest against Kyser , continue to deny accountability for their crimes. We say to that family today that their son Kyser was not good or decent. Rather, he was a piggish racist and Holocaust denier who supported the atrocities of his fathers and believed in the continued racially terrorism of his county’s government. There was no greater or better news to the blacks in this community than that of his death.” (Link)
July 27, 2010


While traditional American media outlets are calling the April death of a 23 year old Birmingham, Alabama Caucasian male a homicide resulting from a “robbery,” the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is officially declaring it a Reparations Protest that the assailant, a Vanderbilt Magna Cum Laude graduate from a privileged family named Christopher Kyser Miree, turned violent.

“We do not condone violence against direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations Offenders or non direct ones,” in their first statement issued on the protest, Mobile Black Foot Soldier Moses Abernathy is quoted as saying. “We are compelled by the evidence in this case to believe that this 23 year old offender, whose family is believed to have once owned slaves, turned this peaceful demonstration violent.”

According to the Slaves Schedules of the 1850 census, Wm. S. Miree of Perry County Alabama (Only 1 county removed from Jeffereson County Alabama – which Birmingham resides) owned a considerable number slaves.

My big brother and lifelong hero, the one and only Kyser Miree, was taken from us forever this weekend. Kyser was alone in his living room on Friday night when some human entered his home and shot him in the back of the head. My heart writhes in anguish over the senseless murder of the most peaceful and chipper man this world has ever seen.

Alabama Black Foot Soldiers have launched an investigation to determine if the families are the same. No one in Kiser’s family, however, has denied the relation.

Details developing…