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May 30, 2012

"FUCK YO’ MUSIC!" (RELIVE:) THE JASON STATTS & DAVE WILLIAMS REPARATIONS PROTEST! "Free Desmond Antonio Hunter & Ashimere Johnson!" Savannah & Chatham County Black Foot Soldiers prepare city & county wide celebration against unrepentant reparations offfenders Statts & Williams on protest 5th anniversary

Reparations offender Jason Statts forgot, pretended not to know or, perhaps, thought, as many whites do, that his people’s failure to make restitution for their crimes against Savannah’s blacks in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was unimportant. But, on June 28th, 2008 reparations activists Desmond Antonio Hunter and Ashimere Johnson brought Savannah’s unrestituted for slave trade history to his attention. And, as a result of him (Statts) apparently turning the protest violent, Statts was shot point blank in the neck and suffered irreparable damage to his spinal column.

“Jason forgot, pretended not to know or thought it was unimportant that slavery in Savannah.lasted over one hundred and fifty years and that restitution for it was never made,” Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek says in preparation of a city and county wide celebration Chatham County Black Foot Soldiers will have to to honor activist Hunter and Johnson.  “Jason forgot, pretended not to know or thought it insignificant that the low marshes were converted into wild rice fields and, without pay, our ancesters were forced to tend to them to the prosperity of this city.”

The life plus thirty year sentence Hunter received for the protest was condemned by the Georgia Black foot Soldiers. “We know that those who stand up and do the work of God suffer for rightiousness’ sake,” Atlanta Black Foot Soldier Isiah Nixon says.

“Too Jason forgot, pretended not to know or thought it unimportant that, in shackles and chains, thousands or our people were brought through this very port and forced into chattel servitude where they weren’t even considered human. But we didn’t forget, Jason,” Creek condemned. “We didn’t forget and on the twenty-eighth day of this month we will celebrate the courage of brothers Desmond Antonio Hunter and Ashimere Johnson.”