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November 17, 2012

Reparations Offenders Jennifer Liscomb Ross & Amber Nicole Deloach: Whose Families’ Race Crimes are Greater & Who Owes More in Reparations? – Chatham County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn "Yet Unrepentant Families;" (FEATURING) GhettoBraggingRights Fave Michael "Slave Avenger" Thorpe & Vessel of Divine Racial Karma Shan Demetrius Cheley

SEE: “DON”T YOU BE NEXT JENNIFER ROSS!” The 2011 Jennifer Ross Christmas Eve Reparations Protest Party in Orleans Square, Savannah Black Foot Soldiers Invite Local Whites Out to “Scene of Greatest Reparations Protest in Modern History” to Make Restitution for Slavery; & (BREAKING) Reparations Offender Amber Deloach: UPDATE! “She was found dead inside a burning car,” Racist Savannah Police Regime reports; … “But did she burn to death enough & was her burning suppose to be multiplied by 7? ” Divine Racial Karma asks; NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator translates new damning message from cosmic principle!

Amber Deloach: Was eighteen year old reparations offender Amber Deloach a descendant of William DeLoach Jr. and ultimately of Michel DesLoges whose family, after arriving in America in about 1664 to escape France during the time that the Huguenots were suffering from religious intolerance, and often state sponsored abuse and imprisonment, appears to have used black slaves with the contemptible disregard many hope her family feels today at finding their so ill-gained, richly invested in St. Vincent’s Academy and Islands High Schoo alumni  daughter’s charred remains disposed of like litter left street side near the Yamacraw Village Public Housing projects. (BUSTED: REPARATIONS OFFENDER AMBER DELOACH FAMILY OWNED SLAVES!)

Jennifer Ross: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: JOHN ROSS OWNER OF 400* SLAVES ANCESTER TO RUSTY ROSS: Waldorf Carathers (SAVANNAH, GA) – Guwisguwi (John Ross) .. born in Turkeytown, Alabama,…. father, Daniel Ross, Scottish immigrant … mother, a quarter Cherokee. Ross .. began … business ventures, but derived the majority of his wealth from slaverly. … . (T)he number of black men without names who were killed … . (A)s told by the Cherokee oral tradition … .(Ross) trading them like so many blankets or horses. … .By 1824, it is estimated … … (Ross) owned between 100 and 400 enslaved blacks … (A)s many as 15,000 enslaved blacks were taken with them. Privileged girl values purse to life)