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May 26, 2012

Slavery: Why White America Today’s Still Responsible; National Legal & Policy Center’s "The Case Against Slave Reparations" by Peter Flaherty & John Carlisle Dismantled;

The denial of reparations to our forefathers was done through duplicitous manipulation of the United States government. The first generation of our people who could even demand them without reprisal of lynching, social castigation, being sprayed by water hoses and having dogs sicced on them was in the 1970s.

Reparations isn’t about hand outs. Reparations is about justice. Our ancestors were not just slaves, our ancestors were abused. Generation after generation, they were then denied the restitution they were owed through a continual abuse of power.

Contemporary whites’ position that they don’t owe for slavery is in the same vain of their morally degenerate forefathers who set forth barriers to make the climate to seek reparations impossible after their so-called abolishment of slavery was set fourth.

No Justice, No Peace translates to No Reparations No Peace. Reparations for slavery is justice. As the entire “Western world” profited and still reaps benefits from both that slave trade and the concept of white supremacy, the entire white world owes.

“All whites are reparations offenders,” says NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou. “There are direct reparations offenders and non-direct reparations offenders. Direct reparations offenders are whites from families who owned slaves. Non direct reparations offenders are whites from families who enjoyed either (or both) enjoyed the economic and social position the institution of slavery and white racism afforded them. We do not see the non-direct ones as less guilty than the ones who actually did own slaves.”


National Legal & Policy Center’s “The Case Against Slave Reparations” by Peter Flaherty & John Carlisle Dismantled; Ask Rusty Ross: Is Your Property On The NBFSN’S Slavery Repartions List? Featuring Michael “Slave Avenger” Thorpe